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Bing Ads Editorial Status: Approved Limited -- What It Is, What It Isn't and What You Can Do About It

You know about Location Targeting; you know it lets you target users that are either physically located in your target location areas, or that have intent to do business in your target location areas, or both. You know Location Targeting can bring relevant, additional volume to your target locations without the need to create separate ad groups, and you know that more relevant volume can drive more clicks, and more conversions

But when you see “Approved Limited” in Bing Ads, you scratch your head.

“Approved Limited?” you think to yourself, “What’s THAT? An express train to My-Ad’s-Online Town?”

Well, sorta…here's a quick explanation in Q&A format:

In a nutshell, what does “Approved Limited” mean?

Approved Limited is a message related to location targeting, and it may actually be good news. It means:

  • Your ad or keyword is already Approved and eligible to serve in at least one of its targeted locations
  • Your item is either Pending or Disapproved in at least one other targeted location
  • A Pending item may be approved within 48 hours after review under location-specific guidelines
  • A Disapproved item can be appealed directly from the Bing Ads UI

What's the detailed description?

"Approved Limited" means your ad or keyword has been Approved in at least one targeted market, and that the ad or keyword is Pending or Disapproved in one or more of the other markets where the ads may appear. For example, if keywords in your campaigns target US and Canada, those keywords could be Approved for serving in the US, while requiring review in Canada.

How Is This Different From "Pending"?

An item that is labeled Pending Editorial Review is not yet capable of serving in any targeted market, because its country-specific statuses are either all Pending or a mix of Pending and Disapproved. Approved Limited, remember, means your item is already eligible to serve in at least one of its targeted markets.

What if I only target one country?

As part of Location Targeting, advertisers have been automatically migrated to new targeting bundles. Campaigns that targeted the US only can now potentially serve to US users in Canada or to US users who are searching from a Canadian site. Campaigns targeting the UK now can potentially serve to UK users in Ireland, US and Canada or to UK users who are searching from a site based in one of those countries.

Therefore, items in your account are rolled through editorial checks specific to these “bundled” countries, which means sometimes your ad will receive manual review in one targeted location, but go online immediately in another. This is what triggers the Approved Limited status. NOTE: If your items were already serving in your preferred market, they will continue to serve there.

What can I do if I have ads or keywords in "Approved Limited" status?

If your ad or keyword shows Approved Limited in Bing Ads:

  • Click on the arrow next to the words “Approved Limited”
  • If the item is Disapproved in one of your targeted countries, you will see:

o Disapproval Reason

o Country where disapproval occurred

o The part of the submission that triggered the disapproval


  • If you disagree with the decision, the disapproval is now eligible for editorial exceptions directly from the Bing Ads UI.

Keep in Mind: Your item is approved and eligible to serve in any targeted country not listed in this Disapprovals view

  • If the item is Pending in at least one of your targeted countries, you will see:

o “No rejection data is available at this time. Please try again later.”


  • Please allow 48 hours for pending items to be reviewed, and data to become available

You can contact our support line or your account manager for more information.

What if I use Bing Ads Editor?

Approved Limited items look different in Bing Ads Editor:


Ads or keywords with an Approved Limited status have an Info Notification Type, not an Error. The messaging is “The ad/keyword is approved, but it can only show in certain countries and devices where this type of content is allowed”.

If you see this Information message, we recommend that you review the item(s) in the Bing Ads UI, where you will be able to find out whether the item is disapproved, or pending, in any of its targeted countries.

We hope this brings a little bit of clarity to what Approved Limited means and what you can do to address it.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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