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Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

Bing Ads Exclusive: Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity

Using broad match modifier (BMM) has become a popular keyword strategy amongst advertisers seeking more relevant, high-quality traffic, and with more precision than broad match alone. We’ve  heard from you that finding the right BMM keywords can be time consuming, and a reliable, scalable way to apply this keyword strategy would be of great help.  That’s why today I’m pleased to announce the global availability of Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity in Bing Ads Opportunities, to help your ad get the reach, traffic, and relevance it deserves.  

Why Take Advantage of Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity?
BMM Keyword Opportunity is exclusive to Bing Ads, using marketplace intelligence to suggest the most optimal BMM keywords for your campaign. There are two types of BMM keyword suggestions. 1) BMM version of qualified keywords that are already bided on Exact or Phrase match 2) Campaign-aware new BMM keywords related to the existing keywords in the ad group or the campaign context like ad copy, landing page and landing page URL. This eliminates any guesswork on your end while providing better performance from focused and relevant traffic. 
If you’re not already using BMM or if you’re unfamiliar, you can learn more here, or watch this quick introduction on what you need to know:

Start Optimizing with BMM Keywords in One, Two, Three!
You'll find Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity on the Opportunities page, where you can utilize this new feature in only three steps.

Step 1: Review Your Opportunities
Click the Opportunities Tab to see whether Bing Ads has suggested any Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunities available to you (Bing Ads will only offer BMM opportunities if the system has determined that there are indeed good quality BMM keyword suggestions. Otherwise, none will be shown)
If there are, you’ll find the number of broad match modifier keywords available, along with an estimated increase in impressions and clicks you could realize by applying them.

Click View Opportunities for more details and to take advantage of these opportunities.

Step 2: Choose Your Opportunity 
In the next page if you switch to the advanced view,  you’ll find each BMM keyword suggestion along with suggested campaign and ad group, current match type for existing keywords or indicating “New” for the new ones, the suggested bid and weekly estimated performance and spend. You can change the suggested ad group and customize the bid as well.

You can also leverage “Filter” function to get a particular type of the BMM keywords with the attribute “Current match type or new.”

Step 3 – Apply to Optimize
Click Apply to apply the opportunity to your campaign. It will add a new BMM keyword with the suggested or customized bid to the campaign.
And that’s it!  You will also find that if a particular campaign has a BMM keyword opportunity, it will also surface directly within your Campaign’s page.  Click the bulb icon in the delivery column and it will be shown in the popup dialog. You can review each opportunity and apply it.
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Bing Ads Keyword Planner Adds New Features and Gets Extended to More Markets

Bing Ads Keyword Planner Adds New Features and Gets Extended to More Markets
We are extremely excited to announce that Bing Ads Keyword Planner is available in an additional 3 markets – United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA) and Australia (AU) – in additional to the United States (US), and integrates popular customer features from Campaign Planner, like vertical insights based on product category and keyword suggestion.

Targeting fine-grained locations in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia
With this release, customers from the UK, CA and AU can now access Keyword Planner under Toolsin Bing Ads, where there was once only “Research Keywords.”  In Keyword Planner’s targeting section, you can now also target multiple and more specific locations – like state/province and city-level.

These new targeting options are also enabled with historical statistics like average monthly searches, competition, suggested bid, ad impression share, and traffic estimations, so you can make the best targeting decision.

One more source for keyword suggestion – product category 
In addition to better targeting and new markets, Keyword Planner now provides 3 types of sources for keyword suggestion: seed keywords related to your business, landing page and product category. You can input one of them or any combination of them to get keyword suggestions.

You will also notice in Product Category that the hierarchies and keywords associated with the category align to those in your Campaign Planner.  Select a particular Product Category to get insights for those keywords represented in the category, such as search trends, mobile trends, performance breakdown by device and locations, and other competitive insights.

If you select one product category together with other sources to get suggestion, the product category will be used as filter to ensure that the expanded keywords from other sources are related to this category. Note: to help streamline your optimization tools, we will be removing the Campaign Planner tool from the Tools tab.

Excited? Want to learn more? Login to Bing Ads today to try out the new Keyword Planner!
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2 Features in Bing Ads Intelligence to be discontinued

Because the Bing Ads web user interface (UI) experience provides more data in a more efficient layout, helping you to easily connect with valuable customers, we will be discontinuing the both Auction Insights and the Opportunities tabs within Bing Ads Intelligence (BAI). Starting in January of 2016, these 2 features will no longer be available in BAI, but they will still be accessible within the Bing Ads web UI.

bing ads intelligence

Where can I find Auction Insights in the Bing Ads web UI?

You'll find Auction Insights in the “Details” drop-down menu in the Campaigns, Ad Groups and Keywords tabs. Additionally, you can export them as a report.

bing ads intelligence

bing ads intelligence

Where can I find Opportunities in the Bing Ads Web UI?

In the Bing Ads Web UI, you'll find Broad Match Opportunities in the “Opportunities” tab. You can also see both keywords and potential search queries, and export them as you would in BAI.

bing ads intelligence

bing ads intelligence

What’s different about the Bing Ads Web UI version of Auction Insights & Opportunities?

For Auction Insights in the Bing Ads web UI, you may select campaigns, ad groups and keywords, referencing their performance inline to get Auction Insights. Whereas in BAI, you can only select them by their names without reviewing performance metrics.

For Opportunities in the Bing Ads UI, you can view them at an account level or at a campaign level with sorting and filtering done through a table in the Bing Ads UI. You can also dismiss the opportunities you don’t want or apply the selected opportunities only. Whereas in BAI, you get the account level Broad Match Opportunities by one click and sorting and filtering are done through Excel. You can’t dismiss opportunities and can only “apply all” at an account level.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, visit us to ask questions at the Bing Ads Answers forum, submit and vote on your top-priority features at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, or send us your feedback directly at

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