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Search Account Manager

Remarketing for Paid Search Preview

Get Excited!

As Bing continues to evolve in the Global Search space with products and services that continue to offer tremendous value to our clients, one of the topics that is continually mentioned and brought up recently in conversations with our advertisers is… where is Bing positioned to facilitate Remarketing for Paid Search?

We are listening… and it is coming.

So what’s the big deal?

Remarketing for Paid Search allows advertisers to modify their search strategy based on whether a user has previously visited their site, including specific pages the user has viewed. If used effectively, this can significantly improve conversion rates, and translate to a better ROI because of the ability to re-engage with more qualified users, who are already familiar with your site.

Strategies that can be considered when implementing are:

  • Show ads only to users who have already visited a specific page on your website.
  • Bid on more competitive terms, but only to those users who have visited your site, and are more qualified users.  
  • Tailor ad copy and landing pages to users who have previously visited your site.
  • Bid Adjustments for existing audience and users who hold more value to your business or have create better ROI.
  • Decrease bids where users are less likely to convert.


What’s next?

Currently, Bing Remarketing for Paid Search is in pilot phase in various markets globally. The one requirement for an advertiser who chooses to utilise Remarketing once it is fully available, is the implementation of Bing’s Universal Event Tracking (UET).

UET has been widely received by advertisers and written about frequently since it was introduced earlier this year, after replacing campaign analytics.

For more information on Remarketing for Paid Search, check out our infographic below:



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