Rik van der Kooi

Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search Advertising

Welcoming our clients: We're all in with Bing Ads

Back in April, we announced our renewed search partnership with Yahoo. In July, Bing’s integration into Microsoft services increased with the launch of Windows 10 and is becoming a core component to its success.  We’ve since transitioned thousands of clients from Yahoo, recruited an entire sales force to serve them and we’ve continued to take market share in the US and internationally.  

Our growth is the result of working with you, our clients, every day and I could not be more excited to be part of this business to empower our current and future clients to achieve more with search advertising. Our continued success depends on you and I want to take this opportunity to share my enthusiasm and gratitude with a short video. 

For additional context on how Bing Ads is evolving please click here.

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Update on International Bing Ads Sales

The Bing Ads Search Sales and Service team continues to build momentum following our recent Yahoo partnership extension. On the heels of Rob Wilk joining the team as the new North America Vice President of Premium Search Sales, we are thrilled to announce that Axel Steinman will join us as the International Vice President of Search Sales.

bing ads search salesAxel has 27 years of experience in the online and technology industry, spending the last nine years expanding Microsoft’s digital advertising and consumer online businesses. Prior to this role, Axel was responsible for growing the revenue and market share of display, search, ad networks and emerging assets for Microsoft’s customer portfolio across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe as the Advertising & Online VP for Emerging Markets.

Axel is recruiting an International Search Sales and Services organization that complements the strong mid-market team we have in place today, as well as the North America team Rob is hiring. Axel’s deep international sales expertise will enable us to deliver the outstanding sales and service experiences that Bing Ads customers expect.

We are committed to making this a smooth and productive transition for our customers, and will share additional details in the coming weeks. We look forward to serving you!

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