Dare Obasanjo - MSFT

The previously announced device targeting changes to combine tablets and PCs into a single device target have now been completed. All existing and new campaigns that target PCs will also target tablets and vice versa.

In addition, the range of bid adjustments available when targeting tablets is now +300% to -20%. Any campaign or ad group that had a lower bid adjustment than the above range specified prior to the roll out has been adjusted to -20% as the bid adjustment. So for example, a campaign that had a -50% bid adjustment when targeting tablets prior to this change should now have its bid adjustment set to -20%. 

Later this month, we will provide more details on the second phase of our device targeting changes which will simplify mobile device targeting.

Additional information, FAQs, and best practices can also be found at the following locations:


If you have any questions about the recent or upcoming device targeting changes, please visit our Ask an Expert forum on Linked In October 6 – October 10. I will be available there to answer your questions regarding device targeting.

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Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Bing Ads Applications and Developer Platform