Billing features in Bing Ads make payments flexible and easy. There are multiple payment methods, easy access to statements, and ways to share your payment instruments across multiple accounts.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Recognize billing methods and schedules.
  • Change your payment method.
  • View your Bing Ads bill.

Billing basics

Bing Ads billing is flexible, giving you the choice between pre- and post-pay options, as well as multiple payment methods. You can also spend time getting familiar with your Bing Ads account and the Bing Ads interface prior to setting up payment information. When ready, enable your account for live activity by establishing a billing method. Remember, with Bing Ads search engine advertising, you are not charged until someone clicks your ad.

Pre-pay and post-pay options

You can pay ahead of time or in arrears, whichever is more convenient. It’s important to remember once you choose an option during the account setup, you cannot change the preference for that account. You can, however, have different accounts if that fits your business model. If so, some can be pre-pay and some can be post-pay.

Billing date

For post-pay accounts, the day you set up your Bing Ads account becomes your billing cycle start date. If you create an account on May 5, your credit card is billed on the fifth day of every month. Once established, billing dates cannot be changed.

Billing threshold

A billing threshold is a credit limit Bing Ads assigns to your account. Initially, your billing threshold is $50 dollars USD. You can supplement your post-pay account by being billed when you reach a certain billing threshold.

Bing Ads automatically bills you on your billing date, or when your billing threshold is met, whichever comes first. As you make timely payments, your billing threshold can increase to $100, $500, even $2,500 dollars USD.

Payment options

Payment can be made using a credit or debit card, bank transfer, coupon, personal check and PayPal (U.S. only and USD only). If you pay by credit card, but don’t want your credit card account to be charged, you can pay immediately by clicking the Bill Me Now option.

Remember, with Bing Ads you only pay when someone clicks your ads, and there is no minimum payment required to keep your account active.

Managing your payment method

You can add, remove or change the payment method on your account at any time. (Note: You cannot change between pre-pay and post-pay options.)

Go to the Accounts & Billing page, choose the payment methods tab, and follow these steps:

  1. To change to an existing payment method, click the Set button.
  2. To establish a new payment method, click the ADD option of your choice.
  3. To edit a payment option, click the Edit button.
  4. To remove a payment option, click the Delete button.
  5. For pre-pay accounts, you can click the Add funds link to draw money from the payment method.

Adding funds (screenshot)

Review your billing statements

You can review your billing statements at any time in several ways:

  • Click Accounts & Billing and select the account. Look for the “Payment Info” in the right column to immediately find recent statements.
  • Click the Billing tab to see more detail and statements.


Bing Ads makes it easy to set up your account with the payment method that best fits your business model. Remember these key points about the Bing Ads billing process:

  • Select either the pre-pay or post-pay option when you set up your account. Once the account is established, the payment option cannot be changed.
  • The day you set up your Bing Ads account becomes your billing cycle start date (for post-pay accounts).
  • You cannot change the billing cycle date once established (for post-pay accounts).
  • Bing Ads charges your credit card or PayPal account monthly, based on your billing threshold and your monthly billing date (for post-pay accounts).

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Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.