Bing Ads raises conversions for Nissan in less than one month


Nissan, a Japanese car manufacturer with operations in Australia, was seeking to strengthen its connection with online customers who were in the market to purchase a car within a three- to six-month window. The company’s agencies, Columbus and Mi9, tasked Bing Ads to deliver a greater return on investment for Nissan’s search engine marketing activity when compared to the other major search publisher in Australia.


The search team at Mi9 implemented a series of optimisations based on Bing data matched with third-party conversion reports. The goal was to optimise towards the campaigns with best conversions in order to maximise ROI for Nissan. The improvements included adding incremental bids for peak periods to ensure Nissan was reaching the key demographic at the correct time and day in order to drive greater efficiencies. The team also worked to remove negative keyword conflicts and add new relevant negatives, as well as optimising budgets.


After only three weeks, Bing Ads delivered a 45 percent lower CPC, 18 percent stronger CTR, and most importantly, a 35 percent lower CPA across their display and mobile device targeting. Nissan was thrilled with the results saying: “In the short time the campaign has been live we have seen exceptional results on Bing. What a great start to what is sure to be a very successful and effective search advertising strategy for Nissan.”

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