Dare Obasanjo


We frequently hear from our advertisers, especially those who manage accounts with lots of keywords that you would like the ability to do more in the web interface (UI). For example, you might often come to the web interface to check on account performance and then may need to go Bing Ads Editor or another tool to make changes based on data you just reviewed. Sound familiar?


Jumping back and forth is time consuming and inefficient! Today, that all changes as we announce the arrival of bulk editing AND the ability to review accounts with up to 1 million keywords within the web UI, resulting in increased efficiency in managing your Bing Ad campaigns.


New limits of the web

In addition to reviewing accounts with up to 1 million keywords, you can also view up to 500,000 ads and up to 250,000 ad groups in the Keywords, Ads and Ad Group tabs each, respectively.


Keywords tab in web interface showing just over 1 million keywords

Keywords tab


Bulk editing

We understand the ability to view and filter items in your account is more valuable when you have the ability to make changes to these items at the same time. With the addition of bulk editing capabilities in the Bing Ads web interface, you can now make these changes in just a few clicks.


If you have ever had to increase bids for low performing keywords across your entire account or increase budget for all of your campaigns, you know how time consuming it can be. Not anymore! Located under the Edit Menu in the Keywords and Campaigns tabs, you can also preview the changes that will be applied.


These changes will run in the background, which means you can browse to other pages in the Bing Ads web interface. Last but not least, this feature is blazingly fast! Once your changes are applied, you’ll see an updated summary in the Bulk Edits tab, located in the navigation panel.


Here's a short video demonstration of the advantages in using the new bulk editing feature.

New bulk editing feature


We are working on supporting a number of other bulk operations for other entities like ads and ad groups as well. These will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Bing Ads Applications and Developer Platform