David Ku

Here at Bing Ads, we care about our customers. In the last year alone, we’ve held seven product advisory meetings in five cities globally with our engineering teams hearing customer feedback first-hand. We love and appreciate the thousands of comments and recommendations from our Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, because it shows that you care and have great suggestions for how we can improve our products.


Of course, all of that listening wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t act on it. To this end, we have oriented our development plans and schedule to focus on what matters most: your feedback.


While product feedback takes many forms, most of what you shared with us can be best summarized by saying that want us to make your Bing Ads experience faster, easier and more efficient, while also providing the leading-edge tools and insights you need to make smart and informed decisions.


Rest assured, we hear you loud and clear, and I’m pleased to share that the Bing Ads experience is now faster and easier on nearly every front – thanks to your partnership.

Here’s how:


  • An improved User Interface is now more familiar and easy-to-use, with increased performance and efficiencies.
  • Targeting Precision is now possible, making local ads more accurate with geo plus radius targeting in 1-mile increments. Plus, zip code targeting in the U.S. and support for more cities in a number of markets make finding your customers easier than ever.
  • Scheduling Precision delivers the right ad at the right time, in 15-minute scheduling windows.
  • Keyword Management is simplified, now letting you manage one million keywords in single view and to bulk edit them in the web interface.
  • Bing Ads Editor is now up to three-times faster, with improved management and new targeting settings.


We’ve delivered a number of smart tools that give you the data and insights you need to develop a winning strategy:


  • Change History report is updated to show which group changes in an easily digestible manner.
  • Bid Landscape predicts impressions and clicks based on estimates, helping you spend your ad dollars wisely.
  • Delivery statuses help optimize your campaigns with clear insights around ad performance.




We know there’s even more we can do in our quest to make Bing Ads the fastest, most agile platform for search advertising success. We also know that having partners like you is what makes our work worthwhile. We are committed to your success....and we’ll keep listening.


Thank you,


David Ku

CVP, Bing Ads Engineering