Bing Shopping Campaign

Screenshot for Product Ads
To attract attention from customers, use Product Ads to make your retail ads pop on the search results page. Your ads will showcase your products in a larger format with images, text, pricing and your company name.


Why use Product Ads?

  • Give your ads more impact.
  • Showcase the items you want to sell.
  • Have a larger presence on the page.
  • Sell used and refurbished products.


Bing Shopping Campaigns help manage Product Ads


Great control. The hierarchy view provides more control over what products you’re showing and how much you’re paying.


Easily manage ads. View your inventory by attributes like brand, product type or custom labels to set appropriate bids.


Share of Voice reporting. View insights on impressions, clicks, average click-through rate and average cost per click, relative to your product targets.


Item level reporting. Get deep performance insight into campaigns, even down to the Item ID level.


Save time. Easily import from existing Google Shopping Campaigns with the same structure and capabilities in Bing Ads.


Get started with Product Ads

Attract more customers with the visual impact of Product Ads.1 To begin, read about how to get started with Bing Shopping Campaigns.


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1. Product Ads are available in the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia for PC and tablet, and also on mobile in the U.S.