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New Bing Ads Reporting UI is Now Default

As of today, the old reporting option is no longer available in your Bing Ads User Interface (UI).  While previously able to choose between the old reporting UI and the new reporting UI introduced in November, this option has now been removed. We thank you for your feedback on what worked and didn't for you during this time.  If you are still using the old UI for your reporting needs, rest assured you will have access to all the same functions and convenience - and more!  In the redesigned UI, you will find a more intuitive reporting experience overall, as well as:

  1. A new, Wunderbar-style navigation for faster access to reports.
  2. Report creation in half the clicks.  
  3. A simpler, more convenient way to download and view reports.
  4. Automatic application of your reporting parameters (time and date ranges, for example) to the Campaign or Ad Group you're working on. 

Stay tuned for further release announcements this month.  As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated!

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