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Get engaged with Valentine’s Day in the UK with your Bing Ads PPC campaign

It may be the shortest month of the year, but February sure is the most loved up in the annual calendar.

At Bing Ads we are all about sharing the love especially when it comes to understanding the latest customer and seasonal trends. That’s why we’ve put together an utterly gorgeous UK Yahoo Bing Network Valentine’s Day Infographic for you.

We *heart* you lovely, lovely people.

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Marketplace Insights: Top 4 New Year’s Tips for UK Finance & Insurance Marketers on Yahoo Bing Network in 2015

The festive break is just around the corner and whilst shoppers are busy hunting for the perfect present purchase, we have had our eye on what happens once the shopping is done, the bubbly is open, and 2015 rolls in!

Whilst the everyday consumer may have got their shopping mojo back this festive period, their thoughts do not stray far from the realisation that, sooner rather than later, they will have to settle their holiday season bill. Thoughts of turkey, presents and Father Christmas turn to budgeting, loans, credit cards, and insurance.

At Bing Ads, we are here to help finance and Insurance marketers in the UK get their finance campaigns in tip-top condition before the nation’s collective finance hangover kicks in. Below are four of our top tips.

#1: Take advantage of lower prices for finance clicks on Yahoo Bing Network

Yes, I am going to say it, I can’t keep this secret much longer: Bing Ads finance keywords are cheaper than Google AdWords!

Don’t just take my word for it, the cross-channel performance advertising platform Marin Software has provided vertical benchmarking data. This study shows average click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) across a sample of Marin Software’s customers buying in GBP in Q2 2014, as compared to the same customers’ experience in the same period on Google.

The data shows that whilst CTR for finance is typically slightly lower on the Yahoo Bing Network - at 14% lower than Google AdWords - the prices are significantly cheaper. Average CPC was -32% vs. Google AdWords in finance, demonstrating a more efficient use of budget and the clear cost advantage of using Yahoo Bing Network.




2#: Understanding the seasonality - are you ready for the finance product peaks?

There are many sub-verticals within finance, and often marketers canstart to feel a bit like a juggler under the pressure of not dropping the ball when it comes to seasonality. This is especially true if you are a brand or marketer who covers many different financial products and services.

As expected, financial queries trend up in the January period, but we thought it would be of interest to provide an annual perspective on query trends for all the finance sub-categories, so that you can plan for the upticks outside of January.

The data below shows the top query % increases for the core finance sub-categories on the Yahoo Bing Network across the year, shown vs. the annual average.


Top observations for each finance sub-category from July 2013-2014:

• January holds the biggest uplifts for all categories, particularly for tax, credit card, investments and insurance - all up over 20% in search queries, compared to the annual average

• Credits cards also see an uplift in search queries earlier, in November, which may indicate that consumers are seeking credit for the festive period, ahead of anticipated spending

• We also see an uptick of 9% for insurance during October, with people showing interest in renewing their current premiums in the autumn

Overall, we see increased search activity during January for all sub categories – so it is most definitely a period that UK brands and advertisers should focus on looking to optimise their finance accounts!


3#: Showing up and being present - are you ready to do business across Mobile & Tablet as well as PC/Laptop?

According to Mintel, the percentage of the UK population who own a smartphone has increased from 56% in Jan 2012 to 72% in April 2014.

TGI have also looked into daily habits across Mobile. As you might expect, the majority of sites used are Search Engines, Social Networking, Email, Weather and News. If you delve deeper into those that require transactions, it’s revealed that 12.5% of Mobile use involves finances, with a further 2% being research into finance/business. Mobiles are becoming much more prominent in how we search and purchase.

The TGI and Mintel study findings tally nicely with what we are seeing across the Yahoo Bing Network, measuring September 2014 vs. 2013. Overall, on Yahoo Bing Network the UK we’re seeing very healthy growth:

  • Finance clicks overall have grown +10%
  • Tablet clicks are +51% and Mobile clicks +72%, year over year*.
  • At the same time we’re seeing some competition, with CPCs up slightly higher at +14%; although not significant, we do recommend taking time to optimise bids during the finance season.

As Mobile becomes more influential in the way consumers purchase, the sub-categories within Finance and the relative share of queries for Tablet and Mobile, using September 2014 as an example:

  • Around a quarter of finance queries are on a mobile device (including both Tablet/Mobile)
  • Mobile is still higher than tablet, but interestingly both loans and tax are the most mobile categories in terms of queries
  • Insurance and loans tie for the highest share of tablet searches


But what about when users use their devices to search for financial products? The below chart shows how the usage of each device evolves from November through to New Year and beyond, shown indexed to November. On the right-hand side, you can see a quick reminder of the device and percentage share of those search queries by each device.

What is interesting is that finance queries on mobile start to climb in late December and peak at +30% (vs. November levels) during the very first week of January, before the traditional break is even over. This then continues to steadily grow into February.

However, finance-related queries on PC reach +10% but slightly later than mobile in the second week in January. Tablets follow a similar pattern to mobile, but see a similar 10% peak, only right at the end of the month.

The key take away here is to make sure that you don’t forget to target mobile searchers starting in mid-December and continuing throughout January, particularly if your campaigns are loans, tax or credit card related. It’s also good to ensure that budgets are set to last throughout the January period, when tablet and PC searches remain strong.



4#: Talk the talk - communicate product offerings in a way that resonates with your target customer, and makes your ad stand out

To ascertain how, we looked at ad copy running in December 2013, and have identified a number of ad copy tactics typically used to optimise ads in the finance vertical. We looked at whether including these tactics improved the ad quality, and differentiated the ad.

To make it easy to understand, we’ve rolled all of the individual keywords and tokens into token categories and analysed which sub-categories are the best and most effective differentiators for Insurance, credit cards and loans.

These tactics include (with some examples):

  • Addressing user needs: over 65, new driver, landlords, poor credit, platinum
  • Using dynamic inserts: 
  • Including unique selling points: cashback, points, no fees, approval in minutes
  • Including calls to action: pick, apply, call, try, view, check, speed
  • Including cost or pricing information: APRs, interest-free, 0%, Save, low rates, affordable
  • Including brand names or endorsements: official, award-winning, ©, ™


Here are some tips to drive the best performing top ad copy tactics on the Yahoo Bing Network for finance:

  • If focusing on Insurance campaigns and writing ad copy for a particular campaign, try recognising the user needs in your ad copy to make it stand out so that the consumer knows exactly what the insurance offering they are clicking on is designed for
  • Dynamic text insertion and including unique selling points are good tactics to help make your ad stand out for both Insurance and credit cards

We highly recommend building and testing different ad copy combinations to find the strongest performing ad for your brand and product.

We’ve also created ‘ad creative heat maps’ for the top sub-categories, to help you zone in on the best language and tokens to use when writing ads. Below is an example of how to read the heat maps, but also the heat map for the Insurance sub-category:



To review the heat maps for Credit Cards and Loans, check out the deck on SlideShare, here.

That’s a wrap! UK Finance essential ‘go-dos’ for the New Year:

  1. Ensure that you are set up to capitalise on mobile searches from mid-December throughout January, particularly if your campaigns are Loans related. Participate in mobile if you have a mobile-ready website. Also via the new Tablet bid modifier within Bing Ads you can continue to tune your bids for optimum ROI (-20% to +300%). Make sure budgets are set to last throughout January and February.
  1. Try testing different ad copy strategies in December, and run with the best performing ads in January. Remember to test the recommended tokens for each finance category to help make your ads stand out.
  1. Finally maximise your presence. Consider Bing Ads ad formats such as Sitelink Extensions and Call Extensions, as they act as a great signpost to get potential customers to the products they care about quickly whilst making your ads larger and richer. Based on testing, Sitelink Extensions increases CTR by +16% on average, and they are now available on Mobile!

Thank you for reading, we hope you found these finance and Insurance Insights helpful! The above four tips are top-level tasters of what you may expect in the UK finance and Insurance marketplace this New Year. For more hints and tips you can review our complete findings by reading the deck hosted on SlideShare.



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Close Variants in Exact Match will launch in December for ads targeting UK & Ireland

Back in September, we announced the release of Close Variants in Exact Match for ads targeting the US. Given the success in driving high-quality click volume in the US, we are currently testing close variants in exact match for ads targeting the UK and Ireland, with the intent to move to close variants as the default exact match setting for these countries in the week commencing the 8th of December 2014.

The close variants feature is designed to help optimise for you and simplify your keyword matching, ensuring that your ad shows when the query varies only slightly from the exact match keywords you have already selected. For the UK and Ireland, the main focus will be on pluralisation, misspellings, stemming and word splitting. 

We respect that some advertisers do require very precise control over their keyword choice, and that’s why we have provided the tools to control this new exact match feature in Bing Ads, in Bing Ads Editor and the API. Under ‘Advanced Settings’, you are able to indicate your preference for this feature in the section ‘Keyword Matching Options’. The default setting is to use close variants, but if this does not meet your campaign objectives, you can select ‘Use only my exact match keywords’. If you are targeting the UK or Ireland, you may want to take the time to review your settings in advance of the 8th of December launch timeframe.

Below is a snapshot of examples:

This announcement affects only ads targeting the UK and Ireland for now. Close variants for exact match for additional international Bing Ads markets is in the pipeline, but dates are not yet confirmed. Additionally, we will be testing close variants for phrase match in the UK and Ireland in the coming weeks. Please do look out for further updates.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below, or ping us on Twitter.


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Marketplace Insights: 3 Essentials Trends for UK Retailers in the build up to Christmas 2014

As the autumn leaves turn kaleidoscopic shades and fall off the trees to make that satisfying audible crunch under foot, and the evenings draw darker and nearer; our thoughts turn to the crazy/busy/fun Retail quarter ahead of us. The beachwear may have been safely stowed away for another year but the reindeer sweater and sparkly tinsel will soon be out of the wardrobe and wearing you.

Hark! The Christmas bells and cash registers will be a ringing. Are you prepared to do business online and meet your customers’ expectations and demands?

Here at Bing Ads, we have been crunching the autumn leaves as well as the numbers of the Yahoo Bing Network UK Retail marketplace results from Christmas 2013, and perusing the latest market research for clues. We can now share three key insights we’ve seen to give Bing Ads UK retailers the competitive edge this festive season.

#1: Mobile is a (Christmas) shopper’s best friend and essential companion

When not multi-screening in front of the TV in an evening, reviewing the latest shopping sites you’ll find UK consumers on the high street or in shopping centres ‘showrooming’ with a smartphone or tablet device in hand. That’s because that beautifully crafted piece of technology is the essential shopping companion any savvy shopper needs.

According to eMarketer an estimated £12.80bn is to be spent on online sales during the peak Christmas shopping season (Nov – Dec) in 2014.

UK Mcommerce on Mobile and Tablet devices has seen phenomenal growth in the last 18 months. According to the Centre for Retail Research and RetailMeNot Survey, last year we spent over £34bn on retail purchases made via a Laptop/Desktop device; that’s set to grow a further 9% again before the end of 2014.

On Mobile and Tablet the growth has become even more pronounced; last year £5bn was spent on mobile with further growth expected this year.

The RetailMeNot survey states that the likely device split for Christmas 2014 will be:

  • Laptop/Desktop = 82%vs. 87% in 2013
  • Mobile 11%vs. 9% in 2013
  • Tablet = 7%vs. 4% in 2013

Mobile is swiftly becoming the shopper’s #1 weapon of choice, but why? A lot of it comes down to consumer confidence, security and convenience:


Looking at the UK Yahoo Bing Network, let’s take a look at the most popular Retail sub-verticals by device split:


When do different devices see increases in activity? It seems that leisure time is mobile time!

We looked at searches by device, indexed to October, and saw that desktop searches are up 40% as Christmas shopping hits a frenzy in early December. Tablets and mobile searches do see uptick in that period, but see much higher relative increases as of Christmas day, and stay considerably above October levels until the traditional ‘back to work’ week, as of the 6th of January. This could be because people are out and about, testing out their new Christmas presents, or indeed that the company of your device beats the classic Christmas movie, and offers some good old fashioned escapism!


#2: Born in the USA – Christmas retail habits we’ve borrowed from our American cousins

Throughout the years much has been written about the Brits ‘special relationship’ with our American cousins; in recent history it would appear that the relationship now transcends not just an ocean but also our Christmas shopping habits!

As reported by the Telegraph, 2013 for the first time saw US retailers with a footprint in the UK, more notably Amazon, Wal-Mart/ASDA and Apple, starting to whip up a shopping and media frenzy with their pre-Christmas Black Friday sales offers. Black Friday is the term used to describe the public holiday the day after Thanksgiving in the US; which is traditionally seen as the official start to the holiday gift-buying season. IBM (source: IBM UK Online Retail Christmas Trends Report 2013) tracked the trend during 2013.


The Logic Group did some analysis on who was doing their Christmas shopping and when; what they turned up was surprising. Millennials (16- 24 year olds) are very organised and just under half of them like to get their Christmas shopping done early, while 1 in 4 men still leave all their gift buying to the very last minute.


But which top brands caught the UK public’s imagination last year? We looked at some of the top searched brands in the UK on Yahoo Bing Network, for Health & Beauty and Consumer Electronics, grouped the queries by brand, and ranked them by number of searches. It showed some interesting results!

One Direction’s reign in 2013 transcended just music, and dominated the perfume chart, beating even Chanel. MAC was top searched make-up brand on Yahoo Bing Network in December 2013, and in Face, Body and Gift Sets, Molton Brown had it all wrapped up.


In Consumer Electronics, we did two checks, one for December 2013, and again in June 2013, to see if there had been any shift in the ranking through to the summer. The top queried electronics spots were owned by Apple and Amazon products in both Christmas and June time periods, however excitement about the iPhone 6 started mounting in June bringing it to the top spot. The iPhone 6 saw 10% of all queries containing iPhone in December, and then 35% in June. Kindle still stayed strong in third position in the summer.


#3: Bing Ads – Christmas doesn’t have to be all spend, spend, spend (for you that is!)

Marin Software publishes quarterly updates of what their customers are seeing on our network, and in the latest version, they have provided some very interesting vertical data for retail.


For Marin Software customers buying Bing Ads in Q2 2014, the retail cost-per-clicks on Yahoo Bing Network were about 3rd lower than Google, at an average of 22 pence compared to Google’s 32 pence, presenting a definite cost advantage. The UK Yahoo Bing Network is still behind in retail CTR, but that’s down to Google offering PLAs, which drives click-through rates. Product Ads is live in the US for Bing Ads, but an international launch is delayed to allow for alignment with the new Google campaign structure, and we hope to have this live soon. However, even at a lower CTR, the Yahoo Bing Network with such low CPCs offers a very efficient use of budget.

Finally, the UK Bing Ads tools and Yahoo Bing Network Retail vertical continues to go from strength to strength…


UK Retailers essential ‘go-dos’ for Christmas 2014

Ensure that you are set to maximise on mobile traffic by opting in to Mobile device targeting if you have a mobile compliant website. Also via the new Tablet bid modifier within Bing Ads you can continue to optimise this traffic separately from Desktop/Laptop for optimum ROI

  1. Opt into Bing Ads ad formats such as Location Extensions and Call Extensions, they act as a great signpost to get potential shoppers through the door of brick and mortar stores or make ‘click/call and collect’ reservations over the phone while at the same time making your PPC ads larger and richer across Desktop/Tablet/Mobile devices
  2. The largest rise in Retail searches before Christmas is on Desktop, but Mobile/Tablet traffic increases from Christmas day through the traditional break. Don’t let your account go dark. Ensure you have budget available to capitalise on tablet and mobile clicks between Christmas and early January
  3. Different language is used at different times. People tend to look for “discounts” in late Nov and “sales” after Christmas. Make sure you continue to optimise your keywords based on peak trends during the holidays E.g. Include all variations of price-related keywords, such as “discount”, “deals”, and “sales”
  4. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Thank you for reading, we hope you found these Retail Insights helpful! The above three insights are top-level tasters of what you may expect in the UK Retail marketplace this festive season. For more hints and tips you can review our complete findings by reading the deck hosted on SlideShare.

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Marketplace Insights: Yahoo Bing Network UK Finance Vertical Trends for the New Year

December ‘tis the season to be jolly, but while we are enjoying and over-indulging ourselves now in festive follies of fun, there comes that point in the new year when a post-Christmas detox is a necessity and we step tentatively onto the bathroom scales to see what damage we’ve done to our waistlines.

In the area of Finance & Insurance opening the bills and credit card statements that land on the doormat or in inboxes during the month of January is akin to stepping on the bathroom scales, and can too often be a sobering reminder that purse string and belts will need to be tightened.

So no matter what the New Year brings; be it a resolution to put your finances in order, to finally step on to the property ladder or just save money on out-going expenditures like annual car and travel insurance - Q1 is always a busy time for Finance & Insurance customer and advertisers.

Here at Bing Ads, we have been checking the balances of the Yahoo Bing Network UK Finance & Insurance marketplace over the last year. We are now able to share these insights to give Bing Ads Finance advertisers a little competitive edge going into 2014.

Take Advantage of More Clicks in Finance & Insurance with the UK Yahoo Bing Network

In the last 12 months we’ve seen very strong growth in paid click volumes within the Finance & Insurance sector on the UK Yahoo Bing Network; clicks improved by 25%, while PPC has increased marginally by 4%, comparing August 2013 to August 2012.


In addition to returning consumer confidence and growth in sales of UK Financial products, thanks to new Bing Ads Product features, there are also now additional opportunities you can leverage to drive click-through rates on the Yahoo Bing Network:

Add Sitelink extensions – Sitelink extensions allow you to add up to ten additional deep links to your ad, which makes your ad more prominent and allows you to present more diverse, relevant information. Watch the video on Sitelink extensions, and find out how to set them up here.

Call Extensions are now available in the UK. Call extensions allows users to call your business directly from a free-phone number shown in your ad. The product includes both Bing Ads provisioned Freephone numbers (call-metering), full call analytics, and finally browser calling with Skype, a feature unique to Bing Ads, thanks to Skype being within the Microsoft family of services. Watch the video on call extensions, and find out how to set them up here.

#2: Key seasonal Finance & Insurance spikes, and when to expect them:

Based on last year, Insurance click volume may peak up to 30% vs. October in the New Year. Travel and Home insurance will see the largest spikes.


Based on last year, loans click volume may peak by up to 25% vs. October. Mortgages spike the greatest, while demand for other loans (such as short-term loans) will start growing in the run up to Christmas.


As for Credit Cards, again, based on last year, clicks are expected to be up by 35% in January and March.


Source: Internal Yahoo Bing Network analysis based on performance of top Finance & Insurance keywords across the UK Yahoo Bing Network, including brand terms, comparing August 2012 vs. August 2013

Top Keyword Trends

We thought we would share the top three trending keywords by searches on the UK Yahoo Bing Network.

For Credit Cards these are:

  1. Prepaid credit cards
  2. Credit card balance transfers
  3. Bad credit credit cards

The Credit Card Brands* proving the most popular on the on the UK Yahoo Bing Network between January and March 2013 were:

  1. Barclaycard
  2. Tesco
  3. AMEX
  4. Virgin
  5. Aqua

#3: Mobile and Tablet - the untapped click growth area for Finance customers on the go!

For the duration of the first quarter of 2014, we expect Mobile and Tablet to make up a substantial contribution of all Finance & Insurance clicks across the UK Yahoo Bing Network.

Growth in Tablet and Mobile clicks has been impressive over the previous 12 months with Tablet clicks more than quadrupling, and Mobile clicks trebling year-on-year from August 2012 to 2013.


The Loans & Lending category has seen the largest share of clicks from Mobile devices, followed by Credit Cards - whilst Insurance, for now, has the lowest share.

Mobile and Tablet Clicks by Finance & Insurance sub-categories:


This means that advertisers excluding Mobile and Tablet traffic from their accounts may be at risk of missing out on a significantly large share of traffic.

We at Bing Ads are proud to continue to give our customers the tools, transparency and choice to both target campaigns across multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and the ability to optimise separately for each, should they wish to. For details of this decision, and an overviews of recent compatibility changes to support you in importing your Google Enhanced Campaigns, please see the blog post, written by the PM in charge of this feature, Dare Obasanjo.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found the insights useful and relevant. If you haven't already done so, you can keep up to date with the latest Bing Ads marketplace insights news and get notifications of new posts by becoming a fan of our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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Marketplace Insights: Hot Early-Bird Travel Insights for UK Advertisers on the Yahoo Bing Network

The weather outside may be frightful, with the only real light coming from the festive tree lights being reflected in the snow and ice. With the cold long nights of winter spent tucked up with blankets, snuggly bed socks and internet enabled gadgetry – thoughts quickly turn to reveries of sunnier climes and blissful warming rays.

Yes, January is fast approaching, and this is the prime-time for the seasoned early-bird traveller to think about staking his or her claim to a juicy ‘summer holiday’ worm!

Here at Bing Ads, we’ve been diligently studying the key performance statistics of the Yahoo Bing Network UK travel vertical over the last 12 months. We can now share four key seasonal insights we’ve seen to give Bing Ads travel advertisers a competitive edge at this hot time of year.

#1: Take advantage of improved Travel cost-per-clicks with the UK Yahoo Bing Network

In the last 12 months we’ve seen very strong growth in paid click volumes in the travel sector, whilst costs have remained low. Clicks have increased by 17% between August 2012 and August 2013, while average cost-per click has decreased by 4%.

Source: Internal analysis based on performance of top Travel keywords across the Yahoo Bing Network, including partner traffic

#2: Be prepared for a significant click Increase during the January Travel peak

In January, we typically see a sharp increase in activity in travel. Based on last year, we can expect all-up travel clicks during January to increase by up to 70% vs. October levels. If you’re in travel, ensure you plan your New Year’s budgets to fully capitalize on this trend.  

Here is a breakdown of expectations for increases in clicks in specific sub-verticals, based on last year:

  1. Holidays / Travel Agents = up 70%
  2. Cruises = up 70%
  3. Flights = up 50%
  4. Hotel & Lodgings = up 40%
  5. Car Hire = up 30%
  6. Train Travel = up 20%


Source: Internal Yahoo Bing Network analysis based on performance of top travel keywords across the UK Yahoo Bing Network, including brand terms, October 2012 to April 2013


#3: Expect Mobile and Tablet to represent between 15 and 25% of Travel clicks

A significant number of travel searches are now performed on the go. Expedia boss Andy Washington was quoted in June 2013 at the ITT Conference saying that 25% of travel searches now come from non-desktop devices. According to the Mobile Path to Purchase Study, published by xAd/Telemetrics in April 2013 (downloadable here), mobile and tablet devices now play a key role in the purchase path - almost half (47%) of travel searchers on smartphones and tablet will go on to make a purchase.

On the Yahoo Bing Network, we are also seeing growth in clicks on mobile devices. Just in the last year, we have seen travel-related clicks from tablets increase more than threefold, and travel clicks from mobile more than double!

This is having an impact on our device mix within travel. We now expect that Mobile and Tablet will represent a 15 to 25% share of all travel clicks on the Yahoo Bing Network in the UK. Holidays/ Travel Agent and Hotels/Lodgings enquiries are leading the trend for tablet and mobile activity overall, with train booking representing the largest share of mobile clicks in the category.

We at Bing Ads are proud to continue to give our customers the tools, transparency and choice to both target campaigns across multiple devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and the ability to optimise separately for each, should they wish to. For details of this decision, and an overviews of recent compatibility changes to support you in importing your Google Enhanced Campaigns, please see the blog, written by Dare Obasanjo.

#4: Yahoo Bing Network Customers want reassurance, and price matters!

In order to establish how best to make your ad stand out in the travel marketplace, we performed analysis on the ad copy of travel ads running on the Yahoo Bing Network between January and March 2013. We had a look at the most successful ads, and established which common tokens (or type of ad text) occurred amongst them. What we learned was the more qualified and specific the better.

The following table shows tokens that occurred among ads in the sub-categories shown, where the ad quality showed a 20%+ positive variance vs. the category average.

Some observations:

  1. Consumers want to work with trusted companies. Across all travel categories using ‘Official’ or ‘Official site’* in your ad seems to improve performance. However using ‘ATOL / ATOL Protected’* works well for holiday-related queries.
  2. Price matters! Quantified discounts work for Holiday and Hotel related queries: ‘½ price / half price’, ‘save X%’ and ‘X% off’.

*Please note, all advertising must comply with the Bing Ads Editorial Guidelines. As an advertiser, you are responsible for ensuring that your use of keywords and ad content, including trademarks and logos, does not infringe or violate the intellectual property rights of others. Do not include unproven claims or endorsements in your ads or on your landing pages.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found the insights useful and relevant. If you haven't already done so, you can keep up to date with the latest Bing Ads marketplace insights news and get notifications of new posts by becoming a fan of our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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