Philip Ryan


Gambling and Contests Guideline Update (U.K.)

To reflect recently revised legal requirements for advertising of gambling services in the U.K., we will be changing our Gambling and contests policy on November 1st 2014. From this date, advertisers need to meet the updated licensing requirements in order to continue promoting online gambling in the U.K. market on the Yahoo! Bing Network.   

Going forward, advertisers providing gambling services in the U.K. must be in possession of proper authorization issued by the U.K. Gambling Commission. This is a change from our previous policy, which stipulated that establishments in possession of either a U.K. license or a license issued in selected foreign jurisdictions were allowed to advertise.  

If you are currently not in compliance with the revised local legal requirements and you wish to advertise in our U.K. market, as a remedial action we would require you to provide proof of licensing in good standing and/or equivalent authorization issued by the U.K. Gambling Commission. Proof of licensing should be displayed on your website, and be otherwise verifiable on the Gambling Commission website.

Please contact your account representative or customer support with any questions or comments.  


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