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Trouble in Paradise: Fixing Compatibility Issues in Bing Ads When Importing from Google AdWords

You know what’s awesome?  Being able to import your campaigns into Bing Ads from Google AdWords in just a few minutes with our new Import from Google AdWords workflow.

You know what’s not awesome? When we can’t import everything because of compatibility issues between Bing Ads and Google AdWords. Though these issues don’t affect all imports, they can be annoying when they come up. To help you, I’ve got a quick troubleshooting guide for the types of problems you can encounter, and how to fix them.


What causes compatibility issues?

Bing Ads and Google AdWords have developed different ways of handling data around targeting, bids, and other settings for campaign items. For example, Google frequently uses ZIP codes in their location targeting, while Bing Ads uses cities and other data for location targeting. When we try to import from Google, our system looks for matches for types of data that both Google and Bings Ads keep track of. When there’s a mismatch – such as for rules around location targeting – we’ll flag it for you to review.

It’s important to fix these issues, because these problems prevent us from importing the affected campaign item. Fortunately, we make it easy for you to fix any issues we find. When you get to the Resolve Compatibility Issues step in the import process, click on items in the Field column to fix the issue. After you make each fix, click Apply Changes, and the issue will be removed from the list of items to fix.

Here are some common issues you might run into:

Location targeting

As mentioned above, Google handles locations very differently than Bing Ads. We’re working on making this easier, but you may still find that certain types of locations aren’t supported. For example, Bing Ads doesn’t use ZIP codes.


To fix it, click Update locations. You can adjust the locations for your campaign, and search for or add new ones.


Editorial issues

We’ll also look for common editorial issues during the import process. We’ll flag problematic ads or keywords. In the example below, there are issues with characters or symbols in the ad text that are not common for English-language words.


To fix issues with ads, click on the ad text in the Fieldcolumn and edit the ad directly.

Bids and budgets

If you use the default import settings, we’ll fix any bid or budget issues before we import, so you’ll never see this type of error. However, if you choose to override those settings, you might need to update these. Bing Ads requires a daily budget of $0.05 or higher, and bids must also be $0.05 or higher; Google’s limits are typically lower, which is what can cause these issues.


Updating is easy. Click inside the Daily Budget field, enter a new budget, and click Apply Changes.

After you’ve fixed all issues, just hit the Apply Changesbutton. We’ll do another check for issues.


When we give you the message that All errors have been resolved, you can go ahead and click the Import button. Your campaigns will get imported, and you’ll be ready to go!

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