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Request Exceptions to Thousands of Disapprovals in One Swoop

Say you own a shoe store running dozens of campaigns for a variety of shoe brands. You could easily have thousands of ads across all your different sales zones. You might include the brand names of the shoes in each of these ads, even though you are not the owner of that brand name. In this case, your ads might be disapproved for trademark infringement. However, you can request an exception with the explanation that you are a shoe store selling those brands.

But with thousands of ads, doing all those requests can take a long time.

Not any more.

You can use Bing Ads Editor to request exceptions to multiple disapprovals at one time. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. In the Bing Ads Editor navigation pane, select the account, campaign, or ad group that you want to work in.
  2. In the View drop down, select Editorial Disapprovals.
  3. In the manager pane, select the ads or keywords that you want to request an exception for.
  4. In the Editor pane, in the Reasons for requesting exceptions box, type the reasons that you believe you should be granted an exception to the disapprovals.
  5. Press the TAB key.
  6. Click Sync to upload your appeals.

All of your exception requests have just been sent on their way for review. It can take up to several days for the appeal review to complete, and you'll receive the results in email at that time.



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What is the Billing Threshold and How Does it Work?

Ever wonder why you're getting billed more than once a month for your Bing Ads account? It's probably caused by your billing threshold.

The billing threshold is the maximum unpaid balance you can have on your postpay account. When this threshold is exceeded, we charge your card for the balance due.

Whether or not you have a billing threshold depends on what type of account you have. When you create a Bing Ads account you must choose a payment setting, which determines how and when we charge you for your clicks. You can choose either a prepay setting or a postpay setting. After you have selected your payment setting you cannot change it for that account.

clip_image002If you opt for prepay, you add funds to your account and we deduct click charges as they occur. You won't have a billing threshold for such an account.

If you select postpay, we will charge your credit card (or other payment instrument) at least once a month for the accumulated click charges to date. The date that we charge you is called your billing cycle day, and is the anniversary of the day you created your account.

However, we will charge you more than once a month if and when your balance due exceeds your billing threshold. Such charges can occur on any day of the month.

For example, let's say that your billing cycle day is the 22ndof every month and you have a $50 billing threshold.

One month you decide to run some ads for a sale and your campaigns perform well, accumulating $53 by the 7th of the month. Since $53 exceeds your billing threshold, we bill your credit card $53 on the 7th. Your balance due is now $0.

But your effective ads are still getting lots of clicks, and your balance due reaches $50 on the 12th. We charge you again on the 12th, this time for $50. Your balance due is now $0 again.

Your sale ends after the 12th, and your clicks return to their previous rates. When the 22nd of the month rolls around, you've only accrued an additional $40. We bill you $40 on the 22nd, your billing cycle day.

In this example, you were billed three times during the month:

  • Twice before your billing cycle day because you twice exceeded your billing threshold
  • Once on your regular billing cycle day

As you can see, you could be billed multiple times per month depending on how effective your ads are.

The actual amount of your billing threshold depends on your account currency and your payment history. For example, the starting billing threshold for an account in United States dollars is $50. As you make successful payments over time, your billing threshold might increase, resulting in larger, less frequent charges. Conversely, failure to pay might decrease the threshold amount, resulting in more frequent but smaller charges.

To see your current billing threshold, and your billing cycle day, go to the Billing tab of the Accounts & Billing page.

You might be wondering how your billing threshold relates to your budget. While these are two different concepts, your budget will limit your total monthly charges, which can impact if, when, and how many times your account reaches your billing threshold.

For example, let's say that after some months of prompt payment, your billing threshold has been raised to $500. And let's also say that the total combined budget of all your campaigns is $200. In this case, your unpaid balance would never exceed your billing threshold, and you would only be billed on your billing cycle day.

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