Editorial Rejections: Understanding the Error Messages Per Market

 Have you ever come across some editorial rejections related to a market you are not targeting?  E.g.Advertising for gambling is restricted and subject to policy (Affected term: bingo, Market, CA, US)



There is a simple explanation to this, and to find out what is it, keep reading! At the campaign or the ad group level, you have the opportunity to define your targeting in order to reach as many relevant users as possible. You can target users based in a specific region or country, with the option “Show ads to people only in your selected locations”.

On the top of this, Bing Ads also enables you to reach users searching about your location, with the option “Show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeting location”. This feature is driven by language, i.e English-language ads will also be reviewed for other delivery in other English-speaking countries, such as the US.

As certain content might be restricted in some countries, we will review your Keywords and Ads for all potential physical locations and you might therefore see rejected terms for these specific markets, E.g. Gambling terms are disallowed in US and CA. In this example users physically located in the US and Canada will not see your ads, but searchers in other English-speaking where gambling is allowed countries will; maximising your reach to relevant users and potential customers! Keep in mind that these rejections will not impact your ads delivery in markets where they were approved.


Learn more about Location Targeting, and about our Global policy!

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