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Sitelinks Now Available to Bing Ads Customers Targeting the UK

As a follow up to the Bing Ads October US blog, we are very excited to announce that Sitelink Extensions has arrived for the Yahoo Bing Network for ads targeting UK and Ireland!

 As of the 7th of March, you will be able to display Sitelink Extensions for ads appearing in the top of search results pages on both Bing and Yahoo!

 What are Sitelinks Extensions?

Sitelink Extensions allow you to promote up to ten more pages of your site, with dedicated, actionable text. Showing these additional links below your ad means deeper engagement with your potential customers, enabling them to connect directly with the most relevant and important portions of your site.

 During our US pilot, advertisers experienced an average increased click-through rate of 15-25%* compared to a standard search ad without Sitelink Extensions, and we’re pleased to report that the trend held fast in our recent UK pilot.

One early adopter who actively participated in our pilot was Vauxhall UK, managed by Carat UK. The screenshots below demonstrate some best practices Vauxhall UK applied in setting up and optimizing Sitelink Extensions:

Vauxhall UK recognised that prospective customers may be at varying stages of the buying process, and complemented their existing brand-led messages by exposing distinct routes into their site targeting users depending on their preferences. The additional copy increases the chances of the ad appealing to a wider range of users by offering a more diverse advertising message.

Vauxhall UK takes full advantage of the extra real estate provided by Sitelink Extensions by including specific and actionable details on pricing, financing and leasing options, as well as providing users with further ways of doing research on their product, for example designing their own Vauxhall car using their ‘Configurator’ feature on the site, or finding a physical retailer near them.  Users see richer information and multiple ways to engage, and the additional links allow them to navigate directly to the relevant content that interests them.

 How do I get Started?

You can create Sitelink Extensions in multiple ways, through the Bing Ads UI, Bing Ads Editor and the Bing Ads API. In addition, to save you time, you can easily import your existing Google Sitelinks directly into your Bing Ads account through all of these mechanisms.

To enter your ads the Bing Ads UI:

        I.            Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab

      II.            Select the campaign(s) in which you want to assign the new extension(s)

        I.            Input your Sitelink Extensions, each containing a title (text to display for the Sitelink) and a URL


Top Tips for Setting up Sitelink Extensions

  1. Associate your Sitelink Extensions with well-performing campaigns: turn on new campaigns before adding Sitelink Extensions. Make sure you have performance history to help meet the high-quality threshold need for Sitelink Extensions to appear.
  2. Choose campaigns wisely, since Sitelink Extensions cannot currently be set at ad group level: ensure Sitelinks are relevant to all ad groups in the selected campaign.
  3. Review your bids to help ensure your Sitelink Extensions appear: sitelink Extensions only appear in the top (mainline) section of the search page, so for them to show, you need to ensure you are bidding enough to be eligible.
  4. Implement brief and enticing copy for your Sitelinks: use offers, specific pricing details, call-to-actions and highlight hot products to help boost performance.
  5. Use dynamic URL parameters for more precise tracking of clicks: this adds more granularity to your Sitelink Extensions performance monitoring.

What Reporting is Available?

Your Sitelinks Performance metrics, including click data and click-through rates, can be viewed in-line in the Campaigns grid, or via three new reports in the Bing Ads UI:

        I.            Ad Extension by Keyword

      II.            Ad Extension by Ad

    III.            Ad Extension by Ad Extension Item

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and assisting you in any questions you may have on the feature.

Do you have ideas or suggestions of ways we can continue to improve Bing Ads?  Stop by the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum and see if someone else had the same idea.  If they have, you can cast your vote for it, and if they haven’t, you can add it for others to vote on.

And finally, huge thanks to our UK and Ireland pilot customers for helping us to test this product in preparation for general availability!

*Based on Internal data, Sep 2012.

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New Feature: Introducing Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads | #ppc #sem #advertising

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, we are delighted to announce the availability of Sitelink Extensions on the Yahoo! Bing Network!

Sitelink Extensions will:
-    Drive deeper engagement with your potential customers by allowing them to connect directly with relevant and important portions of your site.
-    Allow you to create and update additional messaging and information to without modifying your text ads or keywords.
-    Be available on both Yahoo! and Bing search pages.

This short video provides a quick introduction to Sitelink Extensions, below is an example ad:


Over the last few months, we have worked closely with our advertisers across many different industries to build and fine tune our Sitelink Extensions experience. A special “Thank you!” goes out to our beta customers for helping shape this offering.

It is worth noting that during our pilot phase of Sitelink Extensions, most of our advertisers experienced an increased click-through rate of 15-25% compared to a standard search ad without Sitelink Extensions -- many did much better than that. These additional text + URL pairs have the capability to help you drive improved ROI, so I encourage you to try them out today.

You can create Sitelink Extensions now through the Bing Ads user interface, the latest version of the Bing Ads Desktop Editor, and through the Bing Ads API. Simply log into Bing Ads, navigate to the Campaigns tab and then click on the ‘ad extensions’ sub-tab. You will find this new sub-tab adjacent to the familiar sub-tabs for keywords, ads and ad groups.

You can read more about Sitelink Extensions on our help pages.  Rest assured that we intend to continue to build upon this first release of Sitelink Extensions, and we have great updates in the pipeline – including availability outside the U.S. – planned for the relatively near future.

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