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Local Extensions now available in Australia, New Zealand and India

Earlier this year we talked about upcoming improvementsto our Location Extensions offering. We are happy to announce that these improvements are now available to advertisers based in Australia, New Zealand and India. There has been a very positive response to these improvements globally. Advertisers have seen higher click-through rates in addition to benefiting from easier manageability and enhanced reporting.

Below are some of the new functionalities in Location Extensions that will further help your customers find you and connect with you more easily. You can also check out a quick video tourof the functionalities.

Click to Directions: Every time your ad is enhanced with location details, there will be a “Directions” link next to the business address, as shown in the image below. Searchers will now have the option to either click on the ad title or the directions link. In both cases the advertisers will be charged on a cost-per-click basis. Clicking on the ad title will direct searchers to the website and clicks on directions link will take them to Bing maps page. There is no opt-in required to enable this.


Multiple Locations: Advertisers who have uploaded more than one location for a campaign may see their ads display with up to 2 locations. There is no opt in required and using the current location data Bing Ads will decide when to display one or multiple locations. Rules around maximum distance of 80 km (or 50 ml) from the searcher will remain in place. This improvement is being rolled out on all of our publishers over the next few weeks.

Click to call on Mobile devices: When a location extension has your business phone number provided with it, the phone number will be displayed with a “click-to call” on mobile devices. This greatly helps searchers to quickly connect with your business. Click to call will be charged on a cost-per-click basis.

Easy Setup and Import:Starting today Bing Ads advertisers can add Location Extensions using either the updated web UI, the Bing Ads Editor or the new APIs through the ad extensions interface. If you had already setup your locations through the earlier version of business locations, not to worry. Your locations have been seamlessly carried over to the new experience and they are continuing to serve.

Advertisers will now be able to upload locations at the account level and associate them to campaigns of their choice. This setup change now allows you to import your campaigns and associated Location Extensions data from Google AdWords directly into Bing Ads, saving you considerable time and energy.

Detailed Reporting: In addition to the regular campaign reports, advertisers will now be able to view reporting at the Location Extension level. Reports will display spend and click data for clicks on the directions link and the data for each location can be viewed separately. In the web UI, you can access this from the ‘ad extensions’ tab as well as from the Reports tab.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of these features to reach your local audience more effectively. As always, we very much value your feedback. Feel free to drop us a note on your experience with new location extensions through your account manager or on this blog post or through Bing Ads feature suggestions forum.

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Bing Ads goes live in five Southeast Asia countries

Bing Ads goes live in five Southeast Asia countries

Following the path of our global expansion, Bing Ads is now launched in five more countries in Southeast Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam, joining Singapore which was launched back in 2007.

Advertisers in those countries now have a new alternative for advertising in both Bing and Yahoo! using one single tool. With Bing Ads, campaigns can be easily managed and reach a greater portal coverage, allowing reaching a greater number of people on Yahoo! Bing Network to nearly 13 million in Southeast Asia, and 489 million worldwide every month – people who spends 137% more online than the average Internet searcher! Don’t miss out on engaging this quality crowd with a high propensity to buy. Learn more about our offerings here

If you are an existing customer, you can either log in to your account to extend your geographic targeting setting, or create new accounts specifically targeting these markets and connect with the customers searching for your business.

We look forward to provide you with the best possible customer service and great ROI for your search campaign!

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Sitelinks Now Available to Bing Ads Customers Targeting the AU and NZ

As a follow up to our post from last October, we are very excited to announce that Sitelink Extensions has arrived for Bing Ads targeting Australia and New Zealand. You can now display Sitelink Extensions for ads appearing in the top of search results pages on

What are Sitelinks Extensions?

Sitelink Extensions allow you to promote up to ten more pages of your site, with dedicated, actionable text. Showing these additional links below your ad means deeper engagement with your potential customers, enabling them to connect directly with the most relevant and important sections of your site.

Sitelink Extensions will:
-    Drive deeper engagement with your potential customers by allowing them to connect directly with relevant and important portions of your site.
-    Allow you to create and update additional messaging and information to without modifying your text ads or keywords.
-    Be available on both Yahoo! and Bing search pages.

During our pilot in the US, advertisers experienced an average increased click-through rate of 15-25%* compared to a standard search ad without Sitelink Extensions.

This short video provides a quick introduction to Sitelink Extensions, below is an example ad:


How do I get Started?

You can create Sitelink Extensions in multiple ways, through the Bing Ads UI, Bing Ads Editor and the Bing Ads API. In addition, to save you time, you can easily import your existing Google Sitelinks directly into your Bing Ads account through all of these mechanisms.

To enter your ads the Bing Ads UI:

        I.            Navigate to the Ad Extensions tab

      II.            Select the campaign(s) in which you want to assign the new extension(s)

        I.            Input your Sitelink Extensions, each containing a title (text to display for the Sitelink) and a URL

Top Tips for Setting up Sitelink Extensions

  1. Associate your Sitelink Extensions with well-performing campaigns: turn on new campaigns before adding Sitelink Extensions. Make sure you have performance history to help meet the high-quality threshold need for Sitelink Extensions to appear.
  2. Choose campaigns wisely, since Sitelink Extensions cannot currently be set at ad group level: ensure Sitelinks are relevant to all ad groups in the selected campaign.
  3. Review your bids to help ensure your Sitelink Extensions appear: sitelink Extensions only appear in the top (mainline) section of the search page, so for them to show, you need to ensure you are bidding enough to be eligible.
  4. Implement brief and enticing copy for your Sitelinks: use offers, specific pricing details, call-to-actions and highlight hot products to help boost performance.
  5. Use dynamic URL parameters for more precise tracking of clicks: this adds more granularity to your Sitelink Extensions performance monitoring.

What Reporting is Available?

Your Sitelinks Performance metrics, including click data and click-through rates, can be viewed in-line in the Campaigns grid, or via three new reports in the Bing Ads UI:

        I.            Ad Extension by Keyword

      II.            Ad Extension by Ad

III.            Ad Extension by Ad Extension Item

So, there you have it. Another new feature for you to get better engagement, and more value from Bing Ads. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Or, if you have ideas or suggestions of ways we can continue to improve Bing Ads, head over to our Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum and see if someone else had the same idea.  If they have, you can cast your vote for it. And if they haven’t, you can add it for others to vote on.

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Bing Ads is now live in Australia and New Zealand

We said we were coming to AU/NZ, and well, here we are!

Starting 25 July 2013, Bing Ads is now available for our friends from down under.

This continues our expansion across the globe, and we’re very excited to provide our services to 5.5 million Australians every month, of which 3 million are unique to Bing Ads in Australia and New Zealand!

The Australian audience searching for goods and services on Bing typically spends 5% more than the average searcher, providing advertisers with an opportunity to tap into a lucrative consumer base with a high propensity to buy.

Don’t miss out on engaging this quality crowd. You can extend you geographic targeting setting to Australia and New Zealand now, and connect with these valuable customers searching for your business.

If you are an existing customer, login to adjust the geo-target setting here. If you’re a new customer, you can learn more about our offerings here, or watch our recent webinar to learn more about the Bing Ads launch in AU and NZ here.

As we like to say around these parts…Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!


Chris Wallington

APAC SMB Segment Lead (AU/NZ/IN/SEA)

Global Search, Display & Services

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