Ramesh Manne


Creating a More Open Line of Communication Between Customers and the Bing Ads Product Team

My New Year’s resolution, which I shared on our blog earlier this year, was that the Bing Ads team will be more transparent about our product plans and give you information about our products from both customer and engineering perspectives.  In the coming weeks and months, you will see posts on our releases ranging from Reporting to Campaign Management to new ad products. 

We recognize that there is a need to create a more open line of communication between our customers and the Bing Ads product team. We have learned some great lessons from the feedback you’ve given us thus far and would like to share even more of our thinking with you. These blog posts will be the beginning of a dialog about the functionality, engineering goals, and the performance of the Bing Ads family of products with you, our customers.

As we start to blog more about our products and the rationale behind some of our design decisions, we expect that we will bring out some passionate opinions about some of our decisions from our users. The team will participate in this conversation by writing blog posts, reading your comments, and posting comments of our own. In some cases, we expect these comments to spur even more blog posts as we learn from each other.

If you have blog post suggestions or feedback, please let us know via the comments below.


Ramesh Manne
Program Manager, Bing Ads

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