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Case studies highlight success for Bing Ads resellers

We’re excited to see that not only do our Bing Authorized Resellers have success with Bing Ads, but their customers do as well. Here are a few recent studies that highlight how Bing Ads is making a difference in the lives of businesses owners who're trying to affordably increase exposure in the online marketplace.

bing ads resellerForce Marketing, a direct mail and digital marketing services company for the automotive industry, needed to help its client, Shottenkirk Automotive Group, get more from their search advertising budget. Initially, the agency used all of Shottenkirk’s ad spend on Google.

Once Force Marketing started integrating Bing Ads into the Shottenkirk account, they saw immediate results over just three months. Force Marketing increased performance across its client’s campaigns with the help of Bing Ads account management services and features like Ad Extensions and ad scheduling.

Read the full case study for all the details.

Bing Authorized Reseller White Shark Media was able to help two of its customers increase traffic with the help of Bing Ads:

bing ads resellerSpecializing in pet mobility products, K9 Carts wanted to expand its advertising efforts to reach a larger audience and grow its business. Using Bing Ads, White Shark Media helped K9 Carts increase its online advertising presence. By using Bing Ads features like inline bid suggestions, the Campaign Planner tool and Ad Preview tool, the agency was able to reach new customers, increasing both website traffic and sales for the pet company. 

“We’ve been working with White Shark Media for two years and obtained impressive results. Our ROI is now just under 400% and climbing.” – Glenn Parkes, K9 Carts general manager

Read the full case study for all the details. 

Using Bing Ads, White Shark Media set out to accomplish a number of goals for another one of bing ads resellertheir search advertising clients: hair salon Siutse. White Shark Media did this by hand-picking keywords, using the Research Keywords tool and taking advantage of the auction insights report. By expanding the search advertising campaign with Bing Ads, White Shark Media provided more leads for Siutse and improved the company’s return on investment significantly.

Read the full case study for all the details.  

Looking for more information on Bing’s Authorized Resellers? See our top partners.

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3 Agency Best Practices for Using Bing Ads from the JXT Group Case Study

Making sure your agency is taking advantage of all of Bing Ads resources and features is critical for your success on the Yahoo Bing Network.

JXT Group is a mid-sized agency that provides online advertising and ecommerce solutions for a diverse group of clients, ranging from a leading urban apparel retailer to a local nursing home. JXT Group has seen great success with the features that Bing Ads provides:

“It’s definitely not enough to only use Google AdWords,” says Menachem Ani, founder and CEO of JXT Group. “We always recommend that our clients advertise on Bing Ads to take advantage of that market share. It’s a great way to get in front of the right consumer at a good ROI.”

Below are some of the best practices that JXT group utilizes in their Bing Ads campaigns. Every agency advertising on the Yahoo Bing network should keep these tips in mind when developing a long-term advertising strategy. To learn more about JXT Group and how they were able to leverage Bing Ads in their online marketing mix, check out the complete JXT Case Study.

Use the Agency Interface in Bing Ads

Having one master agency account and linking your client’s accounts to your master account allows you greater flexibility in campaign management. Instead of logging in and out of different accounts, you can toggle easily between campaigns with one master login. This also cuts down time on reporting and making changes to your campaigns. Ani at JXT Group explains:

Ani says he’s pleased with Bing Ads improvements that make it easier to manage multiple accounts. “Switching back and forth between accounts is a lot simpler,” Ani says. “Before, I had to go back to the home page to select a new client. Now, with the left navigation bar, I can flip between the accounts.”

Agencies can set-up individual client logins, ensuring the privacy of each campaign. Your team will have quick and easy access to all accounts in one easy to use agency interface.

Not only does setting up a master account and linking your individual clients help prevent potential editorial issues, it can also help to increase your overall quality scores. For more information on managing Bing Ads accounts for agencies, be sure to visit the Bing Ads Agency Hub.

If you already have existing accounts with Bing Ads, it’s easy to link and consolidate them into a newly-created master account.

Become a Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Becoming a Bing Ads Accredited Professional allows you to display your vast knowledge of the Yahoo Bing Network to your clients. Accredited members can use our official badge in marketing materials and your website, as well as join our Find a Pro Directory to connect with potential new clients.

 “It’s a good tool for us to showcase that we’re accredited by Bing Ads,” Ani says.

Becoming a Bing Ads Accredited Professional is completely free of charge. Take the training and get started today!

Use all the Features Bing Ads Has to Offer

Saving time is crucial for agencies, so make sure to take advantage of time saving features like being able to import your campaigns directly from Google Adwords..

“It’s very easy to just type in the user name and password and select the campaigns with the importing feature. It pretty much all comes through with no problems,” Ani says. “That saves hours of time on each import.”

Additionally, make sure your agency is opted into features such as Call Extensions, Location Extensions and Site Link Extensions.

  • Sitelink Extensions are additional links in your ads that take customers to specific pages on your website. They offer your customers a convenient way to access the information they’re searching for, which can increase both click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.
  • Location Extensions display your address, phone number, and a link to get directions to the business. Clicking on the directions link takes the user directly to the maps page from your text ad, making it simple for customers to find your business.
  • With Call Extensions, your phone number will appear right inside of your text ad, where customers can click to call you, no matter what device they’re using: desktop, tablet, or mobile.

“Call Extensions removes the barrier for customers who are on mobile devices,” Ani says. “Before, customers had to click to a landing page to fill out a form, and now they can just click to call, so it helps increase leads.”

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