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Australian Summer Retail Trends: what you need to know to maximise your chances of converting on Bing

Yes, it’s almost Christmas time again! It feels like only yesterday we were hanging up the Christmas lights and making the last minute dash to the store to purchase gifts we should have bought months ago. The great thing about being online is that we can now do our shopping from the comfort of our homes (or mobile devices), saving us from the hassle and stress of pushing through the crowds this Christmas season.

If you are an online retailer advertising to Australian audiences, this article will help you understand how and when to target online shoppers on the Bings Ads network.


1. Target online shoppers in November

There is an increase in online customers interacting with retail related ads during the month of November; however the Click Through Rate (CTR) for these ads is the highest during the month of December. This gives you the perfect opportunity to target those “last minute” gift buyers (did anyone say overnight shipping!).















2. Toys, toys and more toys!

As you may have guessed, there is a heightened interest in purchases related to toys in the lead up to Christmas. The spike in interaction levels with these ads occurs during the month of November. So it is recommended that retailer’s ads feature their top selling toys and products in the headline of the copy. Also if you have limited stock, ensure that this is mentioned in the ad along with a strong call to action.

For clothing/apparel retailers, your key period is also during the month of November.



3. Reach shoppers on mobile devices

There has been an increase year on year in online customers using their mobile phones to not only research their possible purchases, but also to buy these products. Mobile device clicks on Bing last year only accounted for 1% of the overall traffic volume. From January to August this year, it now accounts for 4%. In a “multi-screen” study completed by Google in March 2013, it was noted that people were more likely to make “impulse driven” purchases from their mobile phones. It is important that your landing pages are optimised for mobile devices (responsive) to avoid missing out on conversion opportunities.

“Multi-screen” behaviour is becoming more prominent whereby people are utilising multiple screens to research and ultimately purchase items. If you have “above the line media” campaigns running (TV, Radio Print etc), ensure that your online ad copy messaging is consistent with these. Also it may be advantageous to create special offers or discounts for those using their phones or tablets to make a purchase.




4. Use Ad extensions to increase your SERP “real-estate”

Ad extensions, more specifically Sitelinks, can help increase your presence on the search engine results page when vying for the top ad position. Adding these can also increase your CTR by up to 20%. Furthermore, Sitelinks can be used to display extra copy elements such as special offers, discounts and promotions.

If you are targeting mobile devices, adding a call extension may also be relevant. This way customers can contact you straight from your ad if they have any questions or if you offer a service to order products over the phone.

Adding location extensions can be used to direct customers to their nearest store, if you’re a retailer with a physical address or have multiple store locations.

If you would like to find out more about ways to optimise your accounts, please speak to our friendly Bing Ads team.

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Australian Tax Time: What You Need To Know To Optimise Your Tax Related Campaigns

It’s Tax Time again, that period between July 1st and October 31st where we have to gather all of our financial records and head off to the nearest accountant’s office (or complete our return online).

If you’re an Accountant or Tax Service Provider, ‘tax time’ may also be the period where you begin ramping up your online advertising efforts. We have put together a few important points below that will assist you with planning and optimising your search activity for this tax season.


Set Your Campaign Budgets To Capture Customers At The Right Time

Although your campaign budgets should be set high enough to ensure adequate ‘share of voice’ throughout the entire tax time period, data suggests that Bing users are more engaged with accounting and tax service related ads during the month of October.




Moreover, October saw the highest CTR (or interaction level) for tax related terms and this was also when terms relating to tax were at their most cost efficient (lowest CPC).




Tax Time Ad Copy Recommendations

As most users are searching and clicking on tax related ads during the month of October, it is recommended that ad copy be optimised to capture the attention of engaged customers during this time. October 31st is the deadline for tax payers to submit their returns to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) so it is recommended that ad copy calls this out and portrays a sense of urgency - for example:

image  image


Most Searched User Queries Relating To Tax:

Last tax season ‘tax calculator’ and generalised tax terms were the most searched queries. However, July 2014 data has indicated a shift in the overall theme of tax related keywords.



Users are now specifically searching for terms directly relating to tax return processing: ‘Taxation’, ‘tax return online’, ‘tax forms’ & ‘income tax preparation’ currently have the highest interaction rate (CTR) for July 2014.



Finally, it is important to monitor your keyword bids for high performance terms. CPC prices will fluctuate month on month whilst search volume increases as the end of the income tax return season draws closer. Furthermore, it would also be advantageous to ensure campaign budgets are set for optimal performance and that they are not reaching their caps early in the day. This could cause a loss of impression share and ultimately impact the overall number of potential conversions and leads.

If you have any questions related to anything mentioned above please feel free to get in touch with one of our Bing search marketing professionals.

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