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New Version of Bing Ads Campaign Planner Released in Time for the Holidays

This post was co-authored with Gabriel Kwakyi and Juliana Mazo

Bing Ads has just released a more robust version of the new Campaign Planner tool, just in time for the holiday season! This tool combines three core capabilities within one easy to use interface: Vertical & Product Trends, Keyword Research and Competitive Insight. Quite a few new elements have been added since it was first released in September of this year, making it an even more powerful tool for advertisers. In this post you will learn the key benefits of Campaign Planner, as well as quick tips on leveraging the tool to maximize your holiday efforts.

Vertical & Product Trends

Campaign Planner’s search volume research tool can be used broadly to pull general vertical or product trends. The left hand navigation puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the capability to drill down and browse pre-defined verticals and sub-verticals that may be relevant to your business. Electing a vertical pulls up a default trending line graph, giving a quick snapshot into seasonality, and also provides performance numbers of the last seven days. Included is an actual number for search volume – the total number of times the list of related keywords was searched in the last seven days! The tool also offers a current view of device breakout, and advertising benchmarks including average CPC. Understanding the device mix should be a consideration when making website decisions or optimizing landing pages across devices.

See the data by day, week, month or year by changing the drop down on the right hand side

Want more insight into the top products being searched within a vertical? Click on the “Products” tab. This view displays search volume by popular products. This information shows the volume differences between similar products in the vertical, and can help guide key business decisions. Define focus areas, review campaign budgets and expand keywords based on current consumer search trends and behavior.

Time Saver: Closely monitor your top products by clicking “Add” under the “Favorites” column. This will save the product automatically under your “Favorite Products” section, accessible from the left hand navigation, making it easy to keep up with your top products and save you steps in the future!

Keyword Research

Keyword research is at the heart of search planning. Campaign Planner makes it easy to find top relevant keywords and filter in impactful ways. Most likely you will have a keyword in mind when approaching the tool. Simply type in the keyword into the search box in the left navigation, and let Campaign Planner pull up recent performance and trends. Modify the view by selecting a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly view, or click on the “Search volume by location” and “Performance by Device” to understand how/where potential customers are searching. Campaign Planner provides a detailed device comparison, reviewing impressions, clicks, CTR and CPC by device type. This insight may further guide your seasonal budget setting, day-parting, geo-targeting or device bid adjustment strategies.

Competitive Insight

This new feature gives marketers insight into the top advertisers bidding in a vertical or across a selected product. See up to 20 top domains, their ad coverage and average position on the Bing SERP. If you’re familiar with the similar “Auction Insights” report within Bing Ads Intelligence (BAI), you will love this! Campaign Planner looks beyond an active campaign, and gives a larger view of competition across the full vertical or product. This can be very helpful when researching new areas for keyword/product expansion and guide things like messaging and bid strategies.

Tips to Maximize Holiday Impact with Campaign Planner

Keep tabs on your top terms – Using the “Favorites” create a list of the terms that matter most so you can see marketplace trends at-a-glance. By building a “Favorite searches” list can you check in on historic search volume per day/week/month, view volume breakout by device and top cities/states, see performance by search network (Bing & Yahoo vs. search partners), and also get auction insights data for your selected terms. You can make use of these data points to identify which of your terms are in tough competition, have a competitive advantage or have an untapped growth opportunity. Alternatively, you can scout the lay of the land for new terms which you are considering bidding on; and with the next version of the Campaign Planner tool you’ll also be able to view an exportable performance dataset for keywords similar to a specified term, vastly expanding your research capabilities.

Observe year-over-year performance – Another powerful feature within Campaign Planner is the ability to calculate year-over-year growth and setting expectations. This is useful for several purposes—in particular, it enables you to forecast expected performance for a term using data from the same period in the previous year, current year-to-date growth trends, performance relative the marketplace benchmark numbers and seasonal insights (updated regularly via the Bing Ads blog). Understanding year-over-year performance is a major boon in helping you become more efficient when allocating budget for the holiday season or any period, and can also help identify which keywords, ad groups and campaigns will drive the most consumption of your budget.

Leverage vertical-level trends – When optimizing for seasonal traffic, it’s crucial to know when traffic begins to ramp up. This date indicates the need to raise budgets and bids, monitor impression share for volume filtration bottlenecks, as well as signal when it’s time to roll out holiday keywords and ad copy. To make the process of identifying holiday trends easier, the Bing Ad’s Campaign Planner tool provides several holiday-related categories, found within the Holidays & Seasonal events sub-vertical in the Occasions & Gifts umbrella vertical; relevant Q4 holiday verticals include Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Jewish Holidays. Additionally, vertical-level data can provide great insight at any time of year for comparing your accounts or campaigns to a particular industry’s performance and when making high level decisions such as identifying new categories to expand into, since categories provide smoother, aggregated data, similar to a stock index or mutual fund tracks data across multiple individual stocks.

To summarize, the Campaign Planner is a fantastic new tool that can help you become a better search marketer and more efficiently manage your search campaigns, with beneficial functionality including vertical and product analysis, keyword research, and competitive insight! Also, be sure to sign into your Bing Ads account when using the tool in order to access all features.

Keep an eye on the Bing Ads Blog to get the latest on search industry trends, seasonal insights and product updates like this one. Happy optimizing!

Thank you!

Bing Ads Optimization Team

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Exclusive to Bing Ads: New Campaign Planner Feature Helps Set You Up for PPC Success (US Only)

The key to smart marketing is understanding the industry benchmark and knowing your competitive landscape. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the availability of Campaign Planner, a unique new feature from Bing Ads that gives you both the breadth and depth of insight needed to sharpen your campaign planning strategy. Note that this feature is currently available in the US, but will roll out to other markets soon -- stay tuned here to the Bing Ads Blog for updates as they become available.

What Is Campaign Planner?

Campaign Planner is a unique new feature in the Bing Ads web interface (UI) that displays marketplace insights by vertical, product, and keyword.  Campaign Planner collects and surfaces data from the Yahoo Bing Network to reveal industry benchmarks and new investment opportunities. 

 You can use this feature to research: 

  • Search traffic trending and forecasting
  • Industry benchmarks and competitor performance
  • Keyword suggestions


Marketplace Insights All in One Place

Campaign Planner provides marketplace metrics such as search volume, search distribution by device, Avg. CPC (cost-per-click) and more through an intuitive, top-down taxonomy. Use the navigation panel on left to choose the industry vertical you are interested in to explore Vertical Insights.


Within each vertical, you can choose a product to further investigate.  For example, click “Women Jackets & Coats” for Product insights, including search volume trends and CPC.


Understand Industry Benchmarks and Competitors

Move over to the Competition tab to see the top 10 advertisers and how they perform in the product: “Women Jackets & Coats.”  Here you can review your competitor’s ad coverage (percentage of time this competitor’s ad showed up compared to the total ads displayed for this product) to identify whose ads are getting the most air time, and where on the page they’re strongest.



Please note: You must be signed in to Bing Ads to view data within the Competition tab.

Get Keyword Ideas for Your Campaigns

Campaign Planner makes it especially easy to find keyword opportunities for your business. Within each Product Insights page, under the Keywords tab, click to download all the keywords in the associated category and then use them to create your ad campaign.

Campaign planner provides Key Performance Indicators at the keyword level, including search volume, search distribution by device, weekly change, clicks, Avg. CTR, and Avg. CPC.  Filter by column and select the best performing keywords for your campaign. 


You can also click on the individual keyword to drill down for further information.  Similar to Vertical and Product Insights, you can get search trends, various performance metrics, and competition data under Keyword Insights.


Tracking Products You are Interested In

Track the changing marketplace dynamic for your business simply by adding the products you’re interested in following to your library of My Favorite Products.


Thank You!

We designed this tool to give you a birds-eye view of the competitive landscape, with the granularity to make the insight relevant to your search marketing campaign.  We hope Campaign Planner helps you find new opportunities and fine tune your strategy to achieve your goals easier and faster. 

We will continue to listen, so please keep the feedback coming on the Feature Suggestion Forum, Twitter, or any other avenues most convenient to you.

Thank you,

Chan Liu

Bing Ads Platform

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