Sara Johnson

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

Customize campaign data to save time and finish faster

Do you often find yourself changing the columns you're viewing in Bing Ads?  Are you tired of repeating the process each time? Have you found that a second here and a second there adds up pretty quickly? We’ve fixed that. Now, you can pick the columns you want, arrange them in the order you prefer and save it for the next time.

bing ads reporting columns

Furthermore, the columns are saved per user, per account, so each user on an account can create the columns views that they want to use.

Find columns, finish faster

You can also now find the columns that you want to add to your campaign table by using the categories in the column chooser.  The columns will be grouped under various categories such as Attributes, Performance, Conversions and Call details so you can easily find the column you’re looking for without having to scroll through one long list.

bing ads reporting columns

How to Save and Apply Columns

To apply and save columns to your table, first click on the Columns control in the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads, Keywords, or Product Targets tabs and then select Modify columns.

bing ads reporting columns

You can then add or remove the columns that you want to see in the table.  You can find the various columns you need by switching between the column chooser categories on the left.

bing ads reporting columns

You can then click on the Save this set of columns check box and enter the custom name for the columns you want to save.  Click the Apply button and your columns will be applied to the table you're working in.

bing ads reporting columns

In the Columns menu, you can now see your new saved column set and know that it is applied to the table by the check mark next to the name. Next time you come back to Bing Ads, just click on the Columns menu and select the name you provided for your saved columns to apply it to the table again.

bing ads reporting columns

Stay tuned

If you don’t have this functionality showing up in your Bing Ads account(s) yet, don’t worry!  It will be rolling out over the coming week.

Let us know what you think!  Questions, comments or concerns?  Connect with us on Twitter or share a feature idea on the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum.

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Priorities for 2015: Reporting Remodel Coming to Bing Ads

Reporting in Bing Ads is getting remodeled.  We’re aiming to help you easily get your performance data from the campaign UI, making it quickly visible and intuitive in a way that renders decision-making a breeze. This is a big investment we’ll be beginning soon, and will be sharing the progress here on the blog along the way.  We invite you to share your thoughts at each stage, so that our plans match your reporting needs.

Planning around a new paradigm

We have traditionally thought of reporting in Bing Ads as a distinct -- some would say separate -- function.  For example, when you’re ready to analyze your campaign performance, you leave the campaign workspace and visit the reports workspace to create the report you need.

But from what we've observed, search marketers and users of Bing Ads don’t compartmentalize campaign optimization and reporting, or, at least, they would prefer not to.  Rather, analyzing performance data is part of your everyday campaign management process.

Principles of the plan

So that’s the remodeling being done in reporting: our goal is to remove silos and integrate reporting into your campaign management process for a seamless experience. What does this entail?  Well, we can’t let too much out of the bag just yet, but that’s where we want your feedback. These are the principals that we’re embracing to redefine reporting:

  1. Unifying the reporting and campaign management processes
  2. Incorporating reporting tasks into the campaign workspace.
  3. Removing redundant tasks to ultimately make your life easier.

These principals will inform the design, and ultimately, the features released.  What do you think about them?  Do they cover the areas of reporting you feel could and should be improved?

User solutions shaping our roadmap

Paired with said principals are user solutions that serve as milestones in the product roadmap.  Based on your feedback, we are going to be tackling reporting challenges that roll up into three user-based solutions:

1. Making you more efficient

You have told us that leveraging the reporting functionality in Bing Ads can feel inefficient. For example, it takes extra time and mindshare to have to toggle between the Campaigns and Reports workspaces to perform certain reporting tasks.  We aim to solve that by enabling you to view and run a report on the data you want to directly from your Campaigns grid. 

2. Removing redundant activities 

This means going the extra mile to make you feel like your time using reporting and campaign performance analysis is super smooth, seamless, and simple. For example, removing any redundant tasks, such as having to add or remove columns each time you want to see another set of columns in your campaign grids.  Instead, you’ll be able to save named column and filter sets so you can instantly switch between those groups of columns you use the most in the campaign workspace.

3. Providing new and relevant insights

As Erez noted in his priorities for Analytics this year, we will be working on providing richer data and deeper marketer insights.  Ensuring you have the right data at the right time in your campaign workspace to both optimize and report on your campaign will shape the features in this solution.

Further considerations for your feedback

In case you like sharing your opinions (and we hope you do!), here are some further questions that we are continually looking to deepen our customer insight into:

  • How do you use the Campaigns page workspace today that we should take into consideration?
  • What would entice you to run reports in the campaign workspace instead of from the reporting workspace? 
  • Is there any significant workflow principals we should consider?
  • Would you still use the reports workspace if you were able to pull reports from the campaign grid?
  • What do you think?  Would moving the reporting functionality to the campaigns workspace be helpful to you?  Would it streamline the process of optimizing your campaign and make it easier overall? 

Stay tuned!

Let us know what you think!  Your feedback will help us remodel reporting and shape the future of Bing Ads.  Stay tuned for progress updates and requests for feedback here on the blog.

Thank you!

Sara Johnson

Program Manager, Bing Ads Platform

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