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New Optimization Feature in Bing Ads: Competitive Bid Opportunity is Now Available

Bing Ads launched the New Opportunities Tab to advertisers in the US in August, 2014. At that time, we offered bid-related opportunities to help optimize your ads for the best possible position. Today, we’re adding another aspect of ad optimization to your toolbox: Competitive Bid Opportunity.

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What is Competitive Bid Opportunity?

Competitive Bid Opportunity can help you identify the number of keywords for which your ads could potentially show more often for in relation to other advertisers (identified by their website URLs) who are competing for the same traffic. Not only that, it will also provide you with suggestions on which bids to raise.

The Competitive Bid Opportunity feature identifies which advertisers you can optimize against by pulling impression share data from the auction insights report. Therefore, in order to assess how effective your optimization efforts are, simply refer to your impression share growth.

Note: This feature is currently only available to US advertisers, stay tuned here to the Bing Ads Blog for updates on when it will be rolled out to other markets.

How do I use Competitive Bid Opportunity?

You can take the following steps to see if there is an opportunity for your ad show up more often than your competitors' ads.


Click on Opportunities in Bing Ads and check if Competitive Bid Opportunity is available. If so, click “View Opportunities” to get more details:

In the summary table at the top of the page, you’ll see overall information for one of your leading competitors (identified by domain URL). It shows the number of keywords with this opportunity, you and your competitors' impression shares and the estimated spend increase to show your ads more often than your competitors.

In the detail table, you’ll see the keywords with the opportunities, current and suggested bid and the estimated impression share and spend increase. You’ll also have the option to view other competitors by clicking on the other URLs (up to 10).


Choose keywords to boost your bid on any or all of the suggested keywords:

In the detail table, you can sort your keywords by various criteria, select the keywords you want to raise the bids for and update your campaign instantly by clicking “Apply”.

NOTE: Bing Ads will only offer the competitive bid opportunity when our data has determined that there is indeed an opportunity to attract more eligible impressions than the competing ad. If achieving this competitive edge requires an unreasonably large change or if the opportunity does not exist at all, competitive bid opportunity will not be shown in the opportunities at that time.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your competitors' impression share is aggregated through domain URLs competing in the same auction -- they may or may not be bidding on the same keyword(s) as you.
  • This opportunity will be only available when certain criteria is met.
  • The estimation is for how alternate bids might have affected your impression share and spend in the past; they aren't meant to predict or guarantee for future performance.


For details on getting started with Competitive Bid Opportunity, see this Help Page.

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