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Bing Powers AOL Search

Last June, Microsoft announced a long-term search partnership with AOL. Today, we are sharing that as of Jan. 1, Bing now powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide. All major Bing Ads ad products are enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide to provide our clients with additional high-quality volume and ways to reach their desired audience.

Today’s announcement is testament to Microsoft’s ongoing focus on search and search advertising and our increasing scale that connects our clients’ media buys to new publishers and audiences to help them achieve more impact for their business. For more information, please see the full announcement.

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Bing Ads office now open for business in Toronto

bing ads canadaWe're excited to help our customers grow their businesses with Bing Ads and are taking a major step in the Canadian marketplace by opening a brick-and-mortar office in Toronto.

 “Frankly, we couldn’t be more excited. Our expert team of 15 enthusiastic and experienced search specialists, from a diverse set of backgrounds, is here to help local companies and advertisers — both large and small — drive growth in the Great White North.” 

-- Lynne Kjolso, GM Americas, Bing Ads


With the Canadian search business expected to top $3B in 2018, we see a huge opportunity to help our customers in the search advertising space. We’ve already increased our market share in Canada by almost 100% in just two years. According to ComScore in June, 2015, Bing Ads had more than 449 million monthly searches and 17 million unique searchers in Canada. Cross-border e-commerce is also ripe with opportunity for U.S. and international brands. Opening our doors in Canada is a natural next step for us to help empower Canadian businesses who use paid search as a critical component of their advertising program.

“Bing Ads is a great, viable option that can be cost-effective for clients and deliver the kind of results that they’re looking for,” says Chris Breikss, president of 6S Marketing, which has offices in Toronto and Vancouver. “The agency program with Bing Ads provides outstanding support,” adds Bassem Ghali, founder and head of client strategy at Toronto marketing agency Green Lotus.

bing ads canada

Bing Ads is growing and delivering results

Our model for customer success is simple — integrate Bing across all Microsoft software and devices. We’re not talking about Bing as a feature or by-product, but rather as a vital cog in the day-to-day life of Microsoft users. Whether people use Windows 10, Cortana, Office 365, Xbox One, Lumia phones or other Microsoft solutions, they can tap into Bing for instant search information and answers. This integration of search across Microsoft products and devices is helping to grow share and queries for Bing Ads. While Bing continues to grow organically, we also have partnerships with companies like Yahoo, and AOL, and we will continue to build out a portfolio of strategic partnerships.

Empowering advertisers to reach Canadian customers

Our new office in Toronto will serve as our home base to closely partner and collaborate with local companies interested in paid search opportunities. There’s really no better way to participate in a local market than to live there and feel its pulse. “Having access to local experts who can hop into a cab and spend time with our advertisers and agencies can build trust and deliver results,” says Lei Chiba, Head of Strategic Sales for Bing Ads in Canada.

We aspire to empower local merchants with engagements, education opportunities and personal insight. For example, we plan on holding events such as lunch-and-learns and educational seminars. There will also be face-to-face meetings, opportunities to share best practices and access to leadership team members -- if you haven't already signed up to attend our Bing Ads Connect coming up on October 27th in Toronto, now's the time! In the meantime, be sure to check out these great resources to help plan for the upcoming Holiday season.

We have a lot of insight to offer about what search is today and where we see it going tomorrow. Working with our Canadian customers, we plan on sharing data about market share and digital ad spending in Canada and how search correlates with other products and services in the marketplace to help our customers make important decisions to help them grow their businesses.  

Get started with Bing Ads in Canada

We are excited to work with you -- please contact us to get started:


Visit our website

Call the Canadian toll free number 1-800-985-4671

Questions? Comments?

You can reach the Toronto team at the info above, but for more general Bing Ads questions, feel free to ping us on Twitter, or else Contact Support.

bing ads canada

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