Bing Ads Connect event update: 3 cities rescheduled

If you saw my previous post on upcoming Bing Ads Connect events, note that travel schedules necessitated a few changes to the San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago events. 

In addition to the unchanged events for New York, Boston and Toronto, here are the new dates... clicking on the images will bring you to the registration page for each:

 bing ads connect san francisco

 bing ads connect los angeles

bing ads connect chicago

If you're not familiar with Bing Ads Connect events, this is what you can expect as an attendee:

  • Insider info that’ll help you reach your search advertising goals
  • Hands-on demos for the tools and reports in Bing Ads
  • A small group setting with experts there to walk you through whatever topics you have questions about
  • One-on-one support in creating a new account, optimizing your current account, or synching a Google AdWords account
  • A sneak peek of upcoming Bing Ads enhancements and the product roadmap
  • Resources that’ll help you earn your Bing Ads Accreditation
  • A opportunity to learn about new search marketing resources
  • A chance to network with colleagues in your industry


Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, where you can also get in touch directly with our Bing Ads Connect expert, MJ DePalma.

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