Trailer hitch accessory retailer sees strong return and growth


Hitch Source — a hitch, stow and tow accessories retailer — turned to Bing Ads to increase its reach to a niche target audience of RV drivers on Microsoft and Yahoo sites in the United States.


Hitch Source worked with its search engine marketing firm, Media Forte Marketing, to optimize a Bing Ads campaign on a pay-for-performance model. Media Forte Marketing tapped into Bing Ads features like the keyword research, projection analysis and bidding options tools to help test various campaigns’ abilities to drive results.


Hitch Source sees a conversion rate 25 percent higher than Google with a lower cost-per-click on the Bing Network. "We’ve been working with Hitch Source for nearly five years, and we’ve grown between 50 percent and 100 percent every year,” says Lisa Williams, president of Media Forte Marketing. “The Bing Network audience has been a pivotal part of our growth.”

Learn about how Hitch Source optimizes its Bing Ads campaigns in our case study to the right or download it below to take on the go.

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