Travel company achieves 50% lower cost per click


Smart Destinations is a travel company that sells discount attraction passes to top attractions in nine U.S. cities. Because more travelers are looking for deals and buying online, the company uses search advertising to reach customers.


Smart Destinations has made Bing Ads an important part of its advertising strategy. The company has also saved time by easily importing Google AdWords campaigns directly into Bing Ads and by getting help from Bing Sales representatives.


Bing Ads delivers a much lower average cost-per-click (CPC) than the company’s other channels, including Google. “Our average cost-per-click with Bing Ads is trending 50 percent lower while the conversion rate is on par with all of our other channels,” says Katie Angeloni, SEM manager at Smart Destinations. “It’s good that we can rely on Bing Ads for a lower CPC while at the same time delivering high-quality traffic.”

To learn more about how Smart Destinations benefits from using Bing Ads, download the case study below or read it to the right.

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