Bathroom retailer improves sales, traffic and ROI


Better Bathrooms, a retailer that offers thousands of products online and has showrooms in three U.K. locations, competes against much larger, established companies.


Better Bathrooms uses Bing Ads as an important part of their digital marketing mix because it allows them to target potential customers and drive traffic to their website. They can also increase or decrease budgets instantly with Bing Ads, and they use Location Extensions to help people easily call and visit their local showrooms.


Better Bathrooms has seen an increase in the amount of visitors to their website, as well as an increase in sales. Furthermore, in comparison to Google, they have seen a better ROI. “We actually see our cost per click lower than Google on Bing Ads. It’s roughly about 25 percent lower, which is great,” says Richard Banks, PPC and SEO Manager, Better Bathrooms.

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