Financial services site achieves low cost per lead


RateHero, a financial services website that helps U.S. consumers find better rates for mortgages, credit cards and more, relies on search advertising for lead generation and sales.


The company expands its reach with syndicated search partners in the Bing Network and fine-tunes its keywords by using broad match modifier. RateHero has improved its campaigns with free optimization support from Bing Ads.


The Bing Network is a core source of traffic for RateHero. “Syndication with the Bing Network has been a great volume driver for us,” says Raine Christensen, president of RateHero. By advertising on a range of websites in the network, RateHero also gets a low cost-per-lead, which keeps the advertising-to-profit ratio to about a 60/40 margin. “The cost-per-lead is right where we want it,” Christensen says.

See how the service and cost efficiency of Bing Ads helps RateHero run effective campaigns in our case study to the right or below.
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