Jeweler boosts website traffic by 7% in just six months


MATY, a jeweler based in France, needed to strengthen its connection with its customers amid competition from an increasing number of online jewelers.


MATY added Bing Ads to its marketing plan to optimize its brand presence on the Bing Network. The company used Bing Ads features such as Location Extensions, Sitelink Extensions and Rich Ads in Search to improve campaign performance.


In just six months, the Bing Network boosted MATY traffic from paid search by 7 percent. MATY also sees a 25 percent lower cost per click and a 10 percent higher conversion rate with Bing Ads. "Thanks to Bing Ads incremental bidding options, we are not wasting budget on unqualified traffic and focus on highly relevant target audiences,” says Corentin Danigo, web marketing manager at MATY.

Read the case study to the right to find out how MATY used Bing Ads to increase traffic from paid search by 7 percent. Or download it below to learn more."
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