Agency helps Xbox get more clicks with Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions


Performics, a global marketing agency based in Chicago, looks for new and innovative ways to increase consumer participation.



To get potential leads to engage with Xbox, the agency uses Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions, which are extra links in search ads that drive users to additional pages within a website. Xbox ads include links to find a retailer, watch a video or join a social media conversation.



Performics says Sitelink Extensions have improved engagement for Xbox. A few days after launching Sitelink Extensions for the Xbox account, Performics saw a 60 percent increase in traffic and a 51 percent increase in the click through rate. “Sitelink Extensions are a core part of our strategy because we know they can increase participation from customers,” says Lillian Duncan, an account manager at Performics. “It’s now a best practice to use Sitelink Extensions on every single ad in the Xbox account.”

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