Lender boosts leads at 33% lower cost with Bing Ads compared to other platforms


American Advisors Group, a leading reverse mortgage lender, needs to use digital media to reach its target audience: senior homeowners who are looking for ways to optimize their retirement savings.


The company uses cost-effective Bing Ads to generate leads. American Advisors Group expands its reach by running ads on syndicated search partner sites and helps customers find the information they need with Sitelink Extensions.


Bing Ads generates nearly the same volume of leads as other search advertising platforms at a 33 percent lower cost per lead. “Bing Ads is one of the largest lead-volume producers in our digital portfolio,” says Jim Hsieh, director of digital marketing at American Advisors Group. “Today, lead volume from new media marketing has equaled traditional and continues to grow. We would not be this successful without the support from the Bing Ads team.”

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