Agency helps hotels increase bookings at a lower cost per click with Bing Ads


Cendyn/ONE, an agency that works with hotels around the world, needs to help its clients get more direct bookings amid increasing competition from online travel agencies.


Cendyn/ONE uses Bing Ads to run clients’ campaigns on the Bing Network. When clients achieve good results, the agency expands their Bing Ads campaigns. The agency also increases traffic for its clients by using Bing Ads features such as Sitelink Extensions.


Cendyn/ONE clients typically see at least an 8 to 1 return on ad spend with Bing Ads. They also get a higher click-through rate with Bing Ads than they do with other channels. “Bing Ads is an important part of the overall marketing strategy,” says Anthony Parker, director of search engine marketing and social media at Cendyn/ONE. “It’s important that our clients have as much visibility as they can, and dollar for dollar, they’re really getting a good deal when they’re using Bing Ads.”

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