Get call extensions - Bing AdsDriving more calls to your business can help you boost leads and revenue. With tactics on this page, you can make it easier for customers to find your phone number and learn how to increase calls over time. Whether you’re making a sale, providing service or support, or simply giving directions to your store — every ring of your phone is an opportunity that’s knocking.

Quick fixes to get more phone calls

Add a clickable phone number to your ad: With a clickable phone number in your ad, customers can reach you with a single tap on their smartphone.

  • How to add a clickable phone number to your ad
    1. On the Campaigns page, click Ad Extensions.
    2. Click Call Extensions.
    3. Click Create.
    4. Click Create new.
    5. Select the appropriate campaign and enter your phone number.
    6. Select On desktops and tablets using a Bing Ads forwarding number, and On smartphones using my own phone number. Make sure you’re opted into mobile devices — these customers can call with a click.
    7. Select if you want to use a toll-free phone number or a local number as well as what links you want to display.
    8. Click Save.

Give customers a reason to call: Create urgency for your customers by including a strong call to action in your ad copy: “15% off for a limited time. Call now.”

Longer-term strategies to get more phone calls

Track your success: Pull a call forwarding details report from the Reports page. This shows which campaigns are driving calls, and includes insightful metrics like call start/end time and call duration. Longer phone calls may suggest a sale or more qualified lead. Note: Forwarding numbers in Call Extensions are available on desktops and tablets in U.S. and U.K. only.

Time your ads right: Increase bids during business hours by using day-of-week and time-of-day targeting under Advanced Targeting Options at the campaign level.

More resources to get more phone calls

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