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Exception Request Best Practices for Agencies

If you’re an agency representing multiple companies and industries, there’s an easy way to ensure that you qualify for exceptions when you need to resolve editorial disapprovals. It’s all about the way the accounts are set up, and the following explains why.

Having an account that has several different business models under the same customer is a problematic setup which should be avoided at all times. A best practice for improving advertisers’ eligibility for exceptions is to create a separate customer ID (CSID) for each client and not just an account ID (XID). An agency may not qualify for exceptions that could improve their editorial experience if they have campaigns for two competing companies or if their destination URLs lead to different domains or sites within the same customer shell (CSID).

For example, assume an agency represents different online pharmacies under the same CSID; one is VIPPS certified and allowed to sell prescription medications online and another account is not VIPPS certified. This is a classic example of where we would not allow exceptions for pharmaceutical terms to this customer or agency. Therefore, mixing multiple advertisers in the same customer shell should be avoided.

Here are some best practices for getting your content live faster on Bing Ads:

  • Provide a sample list of the ads, keywords and landing page to your Bing Ads representative for review at least two business days prior to your campaign launch to assess for potential exceptions.
  • Submit all of your exception requests concurrently and provide a justification to substantiate the appeal. Explain why the ad or keyword is compliant with the Bing Ads editorial policy and be as specific as possible when providing your business justification.
  • Submit a request for an exception if your ads and keywords continue to receive rejections even after appeals are overturned.
  • If you’re unable to load content into your Bind Ads account, check your editorial error messages to make sure keywords/ads were not blocked from being loaded into Bing Ads. These rejections typically appear as negative ID’s in your editorial error messages. Keep in mind that the Bing Ads Editor (BAE) does not allow for in-tool exception requests when creating new content.
  • Receiving exceptions is not a guarantee. Remember that editorial policies may vary by country and region. Ads and keywords that are acceptable under one country’s policy guidelines might not be acceptable under another. As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable local and national regulations.

For detailed information on editorial exceptions please visit Tina Kelleher’s article, Preview on Editorial Exceptions. You can now request an editorial exception directly from the Bing Ads UI, Bing Ads Editor and API. In his blog post, Erik Kjerland also outlines steps for how you can Request Exceptions to Thousands of Disapprovals in One Swoop. Finally, the Bing Ads help article, "How to request an exception to a disapproval," is also a good resource to learn more.

We hope you’ve found these tips and tricks useful. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. 

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