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Get More Bing Ads Traffic with Sitelink Extensions

With Tor posting about the success of Sitelink Extensions in the UK market recently, we wanted to also share out the updated CTR lift improvements for Sitelink Extensions on US ads as well.  Below is a snapshot of our top US verticals and the corresponding CTR lift from adding Sitelink Extensions to an advertiser’s ads.  All verticals saw at least a 10% CTR lift, with Financial Services & Insurance, Technology & Telco, Careers & Education and Travel & Transportation experiencing at least a 15% CTR increase.with the addition of Sitelink Extensions:

Improving your CTR is not only a function of keyword-to-ad relevance, but an indicator of how well you are able to show potential customers that you have what they’re looking for. For example, if you’re a Retailer bidding on Brand terms, it’s smart to include an extension for your Store Locator page.  Why?  Searcher behavior data shows that when folks enter a store name into the search box, they are often looking for basic info like store location and hours. 

And like any rich ad format, text ads with Sitelink Extensions draw the attention of the searcher and is more likely to be clicked  - driving more volume to your ads. If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth your time to experiment with Sitelink Extensions to help drive more traffic to your Bing Ads campaigns.

For more information on sitelinks and how to use them in your campaigns, please review the following resources:

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