Megan Barnard


Behind the Scenes of the Most Recent Bing Ads Editorial Policy Update

We want to give you a peek behind the scenes in how we go about developing new editorial policy for Bing Ads, and announcing an update to our User Safety and Privacy policy provides a great opportunity to do this.

We are committed to providing the highest quality experience for both our customers and end-users. This means, among other things, creating editorial policies to maintain standards of quality and transparency in order to ensure a well-balanced, vibrant and safe marketplace.

In developing a new policy, we consider how ads impact searchers. We want the ads that our searchers see to be a useful part of their search experience, so they’ll keep coming back! We take industry trends and feedback from various sources into account when we evaluate updates to our current policies.

We’ve recently clarified key requirements related to advertisers offering services for third party products. Advertisers who offer these services must be fully transparent about their identity and relationship with the owner of the product. This may mean providing a disclaimer that makes clear that the product or service is being offered by an independent company and that the brand owner may provide an equivalent product or service of their own. This also means making sure that the ad copy and display URL disclose that the ad is from a third party.

Only a small subset of advertisers will be affected by the addition of the third party products and services section to our User Safety and Privacy policy. If you are one of them, you may need to revise your ad copy and/or landing page to make clear to users who you are, so users are not surprised to find that you are not the brand owner after clicking on your ad. Additionally, some advertisers may need to make changes to landing pages to remove misleading logos or add information to make clear if the same service is provided by the brand owner.

We hope this helps you to understand the thinking that goes into a policy change.  Please refer to the Policy Change Log to keep up to date on all policy updates as they come out.

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