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Help Similar Ads Serve More & Avoid Double Trouble in Bing Ads

If you have multiple ads with the same or very similar ad copy linking to landing pages with identical or nearly identical content or offers, you might have noticed delivery for one or more of the ads is probably negligible. In order to provide Bing users with the best possible experience, Microsoft may disallow ads or sites that are found to be repetitious or duplicative.

Below is an example of two ads with very similar ad copy, both bidding on keyword “books”, which could become subject to editorial action:

Ad Examples:

Contoso Booksellers

Get the latest bestseller now!



Contoso Books

Get the latest bestseller now!


In the examples above, the ads have identical ad descriptions and display URLs, but have slightly different ad titles. The landing pages also contain identical or very similar content. If both ads were bidding to serve on keyword “books”, delivery for one of them would be suppressed.

Multiple ads from the same customer may serve on one particular keyword’s results page if the landing page for each ad:

  • Promotes different products or services
  • Promotes a distinct, separate brand
  • Has a unique look and feel

Suggestions for avoiding ‘double trouble’? :

  • Ensure your ad does not contain duplicate ad copy of any of your other ads.
  • Avoid submitting multiple ads linking to sites with identical content or with a very similar look and feel.

If you are unsure whether or not to have more than one ad appear in the same set of results, a good question to ask is: ‘What is the benefit to the user?’ If the ad copy is differentiated and is promoting different brands, products, or services on the landing page, having more than one ad appear might be something to consider.

Bing is committed to providing the best possible user experience in the variety of ad offerings we deliver. You can find more details on duplicate ads and other ad style and content info in the Bing Ads Editorial Guidelines.

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