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Bing Ads Express: Finding Local Customers Online Just Got Easier

Last week, we announced the launch of Bing Ads Express (beta). Today, we’d like to share our inspiration for this new offering and take you behind the scenes to show you exactly how we built this product.

The Inspiration

Over the past few months, we’ve had a great time learning the needs of small & medium business owners interested in attracting local consumers to their businesses. Through those conversations, we identified a trend in requests for “hiding” a lot of the complexity of Bing Ads, yet still giving you control over the most important aspects of your online campaigns: the ad creative and budget.

We’ve also gathered a lot of insights across different verticals from the Bing Ads campaigns to develop algorithms that can run and manage your campaigns in a scalable and automated way, while still giving you an opportunity to give us feedback that will be reviewed by our team.

The motivation for developing Bing Ads Express (beta) is to allow you, our advertisers, to automate the setup and management of your campaigns, and to make it a quick and efficient process. We want to give you back time to do what matters most – running your business.

Let’s see how this works.

Behind the scenes

You start by providing basic information about your business – Name, Address, Phone Number and Categories. You should specify all the categories relevant to your business. This will allow Bing Ads Express (beta) to more accurately run your ad campaigns.

We are constantly adding new categories, so go ahead and select categories for your business listing even if they are unsupported for promotions today.


The next step is to create an Ad – one for each of the supported Categories. We do have sample ads to get you started. Go ahead and describe your business to your consumers.

You will also need to select your target consumers from a radius around your business or area of operation. Bing Ads Express (beta) will estimate the number of people your ad will reach on Bing, Yahoo and their partner sites for that particular area. Finally, specify a monthly budget (or choose from values based on your business category and competition therein). Remember, you need to pay only when the user clicks on the ad. You can also change your budget at any time.

 Once you submit your information Bing Ads Express (beta) will:

  • Take the business information you submitted – name, address and contact number – to set up your Bing Ads Campaigns and Ad Groups such that the ads show up on computers, tablets and smart phones across the Yahoo Bing Network
  • Generate keywords based on your Business & its Category. You ad will show when users search for one the keywords we provision
  • Adjust the Max CPC for each keyword so that your campaigns run competitively across the Yahoo Bing Network
  • Regularly monitor your campaign performance and expand keywords or alter bids to keep your ads competitive

You can login after a couple of days to see how your ads are performing. Bing Ads Express (beta) will also show you the top performing keywords for your campaign.


NOTE: Bing Ads Express (beta) is currently available only in select US cities and categories.

Consider Bing Ads Express (beta) your own personal search engine marketer! Click on the link below to get started – it takes only a few minutes to sign up and get your business online. And, we’d love to hear from you – please give us feedback on how we can improve Bing Ads Express (beta).

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Find New Holiday Keywords Using Bing Ads Intelligence Templates

Most consider November to be the beginning of the holiday shopping season. It is also the season when searches grow dramatically, especially in the days leading to the Thanksgiving holiday. Did you know that Bing Ads Intelligence Templates offer you a unique way to catch this growing audience by having the right keywords in place? Read on…


Bing Ads Intelligence (formerly Microsoft Advertising Intelligence) is an MS Excel Add-In helps you find more keywords to optimize your online advertising campaigns. Templates are pre-generated keyword research ideas or dashboard spreadsheets that you can use to quickly research keywords using a popular technique or a best practice so that you can optimize your campaigns. Look at them as Bing Ads Intelligence ‘Apps for Keyword Research’.


Today we’d like to tell you how you can use these templates to expand your keywords for the holiday season. These are accessible from within the “Templates” panel, we’ve recently launched.




Holiday Keywords – Retail, Travel and Season

We’ve put together a list of keyword suggestions along with suggested bids for the Retail, Travel verticals and also seasonal terms to get you started. Go ahead, select your keywords, enter your Campaign & AdGroup details and click on a button. The template will create a bulk sheet that can be uploaded to Bing Ads. Follow these simple steps



  1. These templates have suggested keywords
    • In case of the Retail template (see screenshot above), you can also choose keywords from one of several sub-verticals – Clothing, Electronics, Home, Flowers-Baskets.
  2. Select the ones that seem most relevant to you. It is generally a good idea to include both generic terms like “holiday gift” and specific terms “gourmet popcorn gift baskets” since shoppers are likely to search for both
  3. Select the Match Type & Ad Position for each Keyword. The template will automatically populate a suggested bid. If you wish, you can overwrite the default bid value. Keep in mind - while exact match results in higher click through rates, broad match generates more traffic. Also most clicks come from ads in the mainline’s positions.
  4. Next, enter your Campaign, Ad-Group and click on the ‘Create Bulk-sheet’ button (note you’ll need Macros to be enabled in Excel). The template will create a new ‘Bulk Sheet’ and also save it as a CSV file.
  5. Sign in to Bing Ads and import the file into your campaign.

Here are other templates you could use in conjunction with the above keyword list to really expand your keyword set?


Seed Keyword Modifiers


Geo Expander


Word Order Randomizer


Keyword Expansions filtered by KPI criteria



And here’s our favorite. Use the Tweet based keyword expansions template to expand keywords off recent tweets from selected locations. The social media has a good reflection of user intent, with this template you could tap into that for keywords in your Bing Ads Campaign.


Learn more about these templates here.


Bing Ads Intelligence Templates offer you a unique and innovate way to research your keywords. You too can contribute to this innovation. If you have an innovative idea for a template, send it to us at and we’ll add it to the Template library.


Download Bing Ads Intelligence today and get ready with the right keywords in your campaigns right now!


Your feedback matters to us!

The Bing Ads Intelligence product team is looking for your feedback. This month we have a short survey (link available within the tool after you sign-in) for you to share your experiences with the tool since we released it earlier this year.


If you like what you see and want to learn more, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@BinAds) and join us on Facebook.

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