Praveen Ganapathi


TW/HK: Bing Ads Content Network: Best practices

Bing Ads has a wide-spread content network which includes Microsoft owned sites, Yahoo owned sites and high quality partner sites. In content websites, advertiser’s ads are displayed next to relevant website content. By tapping on this content network, you can reach a wider audience with your ads.

While you are planning your campaigns, please keep in mind the below best practices that we suggest for your content ads.

1) Decide if you want your ads to be delivered in the content network before you create an ad group. The content network can be enabled or disabled at the ad group level using the Ad Distribution option under Advanced Settings.


2) You should keep your content campaigns separate from your search campaigns as they both use different success metrics. This will also help when you analyze your performance using Bing Ads reports.

3) Once you have an ad group created specifically for content network, create keywords of content match type only. This will help in comparing the performance that you see in the campaign performance grid with the Bing Ads report data.

Why separate search and content campaigns?

Usually, advertisers enable both search and content network in their ad groups. Sometimes, this leads to confusion when analyzing your reports which shows search total, content total and overall total as shown below.


Creating a separate search and content campaign, will make it easier to decide where you want to invest more.

I don’t have content match keywords in my ad group but I still see performance for content network.

This is a common misconception. If your ad group is enabled for content delivery, your exact, phrase and broad match keywords can deliver on content network. You can read more about content ads here.

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