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Bing Ads Express: The Improvements You Requested are Available Now

Here at Bing Ads, we make it a top priority to listen to what you, our customers, have to say about changes and updates we could make that would help improve your experience with our advertising products. We're committed to making the Bing Ads platform a user-friendly, efficient and data-rich tool that provides you with not only a direct connection to the audiences who are searching for the products and services you provide, but does so in a way that meets your needs as a business owner who'd rather spend time managing their business than their online marketing campaigns.

To that end, we're happy to announce that we've aggregated the feedback you've provided to us about your Bing Ads Express experience and used that information to make some updates...

Expanded DMA Coverage & Business Categories

With this release, we are expanding the availability of Bing Ads Express from 50 DMAs to all DMAs within the US. We have also significantly increased the number of business categories based on your requests & feedback; Bing Ads Express is now available for over 2,200 business categories.

Improvements in ad creation

When you create a new ad using Bing Ads Express, you see your chosen business categories selected by default. We have improved the workflow further based on the suggestions we have been getting from you:

  • Associate multiple categories with an ad. The new Bing Ads Express allows you to associate more than one category to each ad. For example, if you chose the categories ‘Dentists’ & ‘Orthodontists’ at the time of business creation, these would be selected by default in the categories section when you create an ad. Unlike in the previous release, you can now associate both categories to the same ad.

Also, you retain the ability to create different ads for different categories. For example, if you are a gas station owner and also runs a pizza outlet on the premises of your gas station, you would have chosen the categories ‘Gas Stations’ & ‘Pizza’ at the time of business creation.  In this scenario, you can choose to create different ads for each of these categories.


Note: Removing a ‘Selected Category’ from an ad doesn’t remove it from the business. This allows you to customize your categories for each ad.

  • Bing Ads Express now helps you identify the right categories for your ad. When you create or edit an ad, in addition to the categories you have selected, you might see additional related category suggestions. You can fine tune your audience by selecting from any of these suggestions. For example, as above, if you chose the categories ‘Dentists’ & ‘Orthodontists’ at the time of business creation, you might see suggested categories like "Oral Surgeon" & "Emergency Dental Care", which could be added to the ad. You can review these suggestions and add the relevant categories to your ad; you can have multiple ads with the same categories chosen.ou can now create more than one ad with the same set of categories chosen.

Some Tips on Business Categories

Why is choosing the right category important?

Choosing the right categories for you ad is very important because categories represent the audience you are targeting, which makes having chosen the right ones essential for your ads to get good clicks and ROI.  Be sure to choose only those categories that are most relevant to your ad and avoid indirectly related ones. Choosing less relevant categories would surface your ads for equally less relevant search phrases, leading to low quality leads to your business.

How do I choose the right category?

When you create an ad, review the list of selected categories and keep the ones that are relevant for this particular ad. Also, review the list of suggested categories and select the categories that are most relevant for your ad. Do not choose categories that are vaguely related to the ad. The complete list of supported categories is present here.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Please give us feedback on how we can improve Bing Ads Express further.

Thanks for reading!

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