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Shared Budgets Now Available in Bing Ads


Are you looking for a way to automatically distribute a single daily budget across all campaigns or a subgroup of campaigns within your Bing Ads account? Want to stop having to manually update individual campaign budgets in an effort to prevent having unutilized budget?
We are thrilled to announce the release of Shared Budgets in Bing Ads to help you simplify how you manage your daily budget!

How Does It Work?
Shared Budgets eliminates the need to spend any extra time setting up and recalculating individual campaign budgets. 

Say you have a budget of $20 to be used uniformly between two campaigns every day. On a given day, Campaign A spends only $8 (of its $10 budget) because it got fewer impressions and clicks than usual. Using Shared Budget, if Campaign B is performing well Bing Ads will automatically allocate that unutilized $2 to Campaign B. This will increase the chance that any unutilized budget being used to drive more traffic.


  • Have a single budget that can be used by all campaigns under or by a subgroup of campaigns under an account.
  • Reduce time spent manually calculating how to allocate budget individually amongst a significant number of campaigns.
  • Optimize your unutilized budget by having Bing Ads automatically allocate remaining budget to campaigns that are performing well.


Shared Budgets is available in all Bing Ads applications, including the Web UI, API, Editor (read-only) and mobile apps (read-only). This feature is available as a Shared Library in the Web UI as seen below. Shared Budgets is currently not supported with Import and Google Sync. If someone has campaigns using a Shared Budget on the Bing Ads side, and an import for the same campaigns happens from AdWords, a campaign’s budget property will not be updated on the Bing Ads side. We are currently working on this with a plan to release it beginning of 2017.

What Advertisers Are Saying
We worked with various pilot customers to ensure we could bring you all the best in a Shared Budgets feature experience.  Here is what our advertisers have been saying:

“Love the new tool. Would like the ability to adjust shared budget in Editor!”
Michael Cha, Director of Performance Marketing, Horizon Media, Inc.

“It was very easy to set up. Shared budgets definitely lightened my workload and saved time related to budget pacing. We used it to essentially combine 400+ regional targeted campaigns into one.”
David McIntyre, iProspect

Contact Us
Please ping us on Twitter with any questions or comments. We also encourage you to keep submitting ideas on our Feature Suggestion Forum to let us know how we can keep making Bing Ads better.
Juan Carlos Ousset


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Create more compelling call to actions for your business using mobile-optimized Expanded Text Ads

We began inviting customers to pilot Expanded Text Ads with us back in August  and we appreciate the overwhelming interest and feedback you’ve given to our team. Starting today, all advertisers worldwide will be able to begin creating more compelling ads using this ad new format through the Bing Ads Web interface, Bing Ads Editor, as well as Bing Ads API.



Compared to standard text ads, Expanded Text Ads are a new mobile-optimized ad format which provides more ad space using an additional ad title, longer text and customizable paths to better grab the attention of customers. Expanded Text Ads works seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, giving advertisers an easier way to create more compelling call to actions for consumers and drive higher conversions to their business. 


Standard Text Ads Expanded Text Ads


We strongly recommend continuing to run standard text ads and Expanded Text Ads in parallel so that the overall performance of your accounts and campaigns does not fall. This will help you test your Expanded Text Ads' creative performance against standard text ads and give you insights for optimizing your message in the new format.
Advertisers found the best return on their ad spend using Expanded Text Ads by doing the following:
  • Reuse existing campaigns and ad groups so that current ad extensions continue to be associated and served with the new Expanded Text Ads
  • Run variations of Expanded Text Ads to experiment with multiple call to actions
  • Understand what worked with standard text ads and taking advantage of the additional ad copy when optimizing Expanded Text Ads


For a more comprehensive walkthrough, visit Bing Ads Help to read our frequently asked questions  and also learn more about what makes an affective ad. 



For all advertisers, we are making it easy to bring your already created Expanded Text Ads from Google AdWords and optimize them in Bing Ads.
Import your Expanded Text Ads from Google AdWords: Save time by using Google Import to directly import your campaigns with Expanded Text Ads from your Google AdWords account into Bing Ads. You can do this from the Bing Ads Web interface or using Bing Ads Editor.
Bulk manage your Expanded Text Ads using Bing Ads Editor: Get more done by using Bing Ads Editor to sync your campaigns and accounts, make changes or additions offline and update your revisions with one click. Learn more about Bing Ads Editor for Windows and Mac.
Seamlessly integrated with your existing search engine marketing tools: We’ve worked with industry leading technology partners around the world over the past few months to ensure that advertisers can properly take advantage of Expanded Text Ads this holiday season. We are proud to announce that Marin Software , Kenshoo Adobe Media OptimizerintelliAd  and  Rakuten Marketing  will have launch day support for Expanded Text Ads in their campaign management platforms and we are working closely with our remaining partners to add compatibility soon.
Our teams and global partners are committed to ensuring that the transition to this new ad format is as easy and as smooth as possible for all our advertisers. Speak with your search engine marketing (SEM) tool provider or your agency to understand their Expanded Text Ads strategy. Through optimizing ad copy, early adopters of Expanded Text Ads have already seen increased click-through rates when compared to standard text ads and are eager to begin working with advertisers:
"Bing continues to be a great partner to Marin and we're excited to announce complete support for Bing EXTA from day one. Our clients have seen improved performance with the extended format and advertisers can now leverage this with Bing's growing audience. Additionally, with Marin's Smart Sync feature, advertisers can benefit from this new ad format across multiple publishers without having to create and manage campaigns separately". — John McNulty, VP of Global Marketing, Marin Software

"Our clients demand the latest mobile formats, with industry-leading optimization and cross channel delivery. With your support, we can now bring their existing ETA and non-ETA campaigns over to Bing, all with the push of a button. We can't wait to see more incredible results as our existing ETA clients join the Bing marketplace!" — Liron Wand, VP of Client Success, Kenshoo.


"We as a long-term Bing Partner and Tool Provider are very excited to support this new feature. We believe that this new format enhances the user experience by providing more information. This will increase the click quality and lead to more and better converting traffic for our advertisers." — Boris Sambil, CTO, intelliAd Media GmbH .

"Bing’s Extended Text Ads present a great opportunity for Rakuten Marketing and our clients. We’re certainly excited to support the feature from day one. Customers using our search solution will be immediately able to take advantage of the expanded real estate in SERPs and the further benefits these ads bring advertisers. Meanwhile, our attribution technology will enable us to accurately measure and understand the influence these expanded ads have throughout the entire user journey. These insights will allow our clients to test and optimise their search campaigns, ultimately helping them get the most out of this new feature." — James Collins, SVP | Managing Director,Rakuten Attribution 
Timing on sunset of standard text ads and destination URLs: Bing Ads will continue to allow advertisers to create and edit standard text ads using destination URLs throughout the remainder of the 2016 calendar year and throughout the first quarter of 2017. Continue monitoring our blog for any new updates regarding our plans to sunset standard text ads and destination URLs in the future.
Let us know your thoughts on Expanded Text Ads: For any questions or feedback regarding Expanded text ads, we encourage you to reach out to your Bing Ads account manager, or directly to us  at

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Hit the ground running with an all new campaign creation workflow

Bing Ads has been rapidly evolving with new ad extensions, bidding options, targeting enhancements, and a stronger, faster platform. It’s time that the campaign creation workflow reflects the features and optimizations that can help you excel in Bing Ads. Today, we are excited to unveil an all new campaign creation workflow designed to help you hit the ground running with a campaign that is successful from day one.

Establish a business goal to guide your campaign’s creation

When you enter, we will first ask you to select your marketing goal for your new campaign. Your marketing goal will be used to recommend different features or different defaults to get your campaigns off to the right start. Regardless of which goal you choose, your campaign will still have access to all features.

On this page, you will also find new shortcuts to other campaign setup tools: Keyword Planner, File Import, and Google Import.


Copy campaign settings & target specific locations

You can now quickly copy the campaign settings from an existing campaign. We also made it easier for you to set up the locations where you want your ads to appear. For example, you will now manage your radius targets in the same view that you manage your other locations.


Target the right searchers with tailored keyword recommendations

Choosing keywords can be cumbersome and research-heavy for many advertisers. We now offer improved keyword suggestions to help you target the right search results. These suggestions can even be based on a URL from your website. For each suggestion, we show how popular, how costly, and how competitive each keyword is. Not only that, but we also automatically group keywords for you into ad groups based on relevance. * By organizing your keywords into multiple ad groups, you can better target your ad copy and your bids to the different sets of search queries you want to show up for.


Include high-value features to your ads


Ad extensions make your ads more eye-catching to searchers and can help boost clicks and conversions on your ads. When setting up a campaign, you now have access to the library of ad extensions, and we will highlight the ad extensions that align with your marketing goal. Furthermore, instead of being limited to only one ad for your entire campaign, you can now set up multiple ads and easily manage them all in one page.


Set informed bids with performance estimates


Finally, in the last step to setting up your campaign, you can set your budget and bidding options. Based on the campaign you set up so far, we will provide performance estimates on what we think your campaign’s clicks, impressions, spend, and avg. position will be. Play around with different bids to find one that works for you and your business goals. *

Connect with us
What do you think about the new campaign setup experience? Please share your comments and suggestions in our feedback forum or on Twitter.

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Bing Ads Exclusive: Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity

Using broad match modifier (BMM) has become a popular keyword strategy amongst advertisers seeking more relevant, high-quality traffic, and with more precision than broad match alone. We’ve  heard from you that finding the right BMM keywords can be time consuming, and a reliable, scalable way to apply this keyword strategy would be of great help.  That’s why today I’m pleased to announce the global availability of Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity in Bing Ads Opportunities, to help your ad get the reach, traffic, and relevance it deserves.  

Why Take Advantage of Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity?
BMM Keyword Opportunity is exclusive to Bing Ads, using marketplace intelligence to suggest the most optimal BMM keywords for your campaign. There are two types of BMM keyword suggestions. 1) BMM version of qualified keywords that are already bided on Exact or Phrase match 2) Campaign-aware new BMM keywords related to the existing keywords in the ad group or the campaign context like ad copy, landing page and landing page URL. This eliminates any guesswork on your end while providing better performance from focused and relevant traffic. 
If you’re not already using BMM or if you’re unfamiliar, you can learn more here, or watch this quick introduction on what you need to know:

Start Optimizing with BMM Keywords in One, Two, Three!
You'll find Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunity on the Opportunities page, where you can utilize this new feature in only three steps.

Step 1: Review Your Opportunities
Click the Opportunities Tab to see whether Bing Ads has suggested any Broad Match Modifier Keyword Opportunities available to you (Bing Ads will only offer BMM opportunities if the system has determined that there are indeed good quality BMM keyword suggestions. Otherwise, none will be shown)
If there are, you’ll find the number of broad match modifier keywords available, along with an estimated increase in impressions and clicks you could realize by applying them.

Click View Opportunities for more details and to take advantage of these opportunities.

Step 2: Choose Your Opportunity 
In the next page if you switch to the advanced view,  you’ll find each BMM keyword suggestion along with suggested campaign and ad group, current match type for existing keywords or indicating “New” for the new ones, the suggested bid and weekly estimated performance and spend. You can change the suggested ad group and customize the bid as well.

You can also leverage “Filter” function to get a particular type of the BMM keywords with the attribute “Current match type or new.”

Step 3 – Apply to Optimize
Click Apply to apply the opportunity to your campaign. It will add a new BMM keyword with the suggested or customized bid to the campaign.
And that’s it!  You will also find that if a particular campaign has a BMM keyword opportunity, it will also surface directly within your Campaign’s page.  Click the bulb icon in the delivery column and it will be shown in the popup dialog. You can review each opportunity and apply it.
Connect With Us
As always, Bing Ads cares about your ROI and features that will help your achieve more in less time. We’re working hard to develop technologies to help you make the best use of your budget, with more advanced optimization features coming your way. Stay tuned!
We welcome your thoughts and feedbacks, please let us know what you think by pinging us on Twitter or sharing your ideas for new features in our Feature Suggestion Forum.
Thank you!
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Expanded Device Targeting is on its way, giving you more flexibility to optimize your campaigns

We’ve heard your feedback about device targeting! We are now giving you more control in setting bid adjustments by device, so you can more effectively manage your campaigns across each device type. Most significantly, you will be able to target tablets separately from PC with different bid adjustments.





Expanded Device Targeting will give advertisers more control in their audience targeting strategy by making it possible to set individual bid adjustments by device type (PC, Tablet & Mobile), and further their targeting strategy based on unique business needs.



We are expanding the range to +900% for each device type – PC, Tablet and Mobile, as well as adding the ability to completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on Tablet and Mobile. With these new controls, you can segment by device to tailor your ad messaging specifically for them. When importing campaigns from AdWords, negative PC bid adjustments will be automatically adjusted to 0%, as it’s not supported in Bing Ads today.


Are you interested in getting early access to this feature?
  • If you don’t have an account team, please send your request to we’ll need is your Customer ID to get you started).
  • If you have an account team, please contact your account team to sign up for this pilot.


We’d love to hear from you! You can always reach us on Twitter and our Feature Suggestion Forumwith your feedback, comments, and ideas.
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