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Bing Network enters extensive multinational partnership with CBS Interactive

Bing Network enters extensive multinational partnership with CBS Interactive

Microsoft and CBS Interactive have agreed to enter an extensive international syndication partnership covering PC, mobile and tablet search in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany and France.

CBS Interactive, a division of CBS Corporation, is the world’s largest publisher of premium digital content. Bing provides algorithmic organic search results and paid search ads for various CBS Interactive properties, such as, and

“Bing is the partner of choice for the world’s leading technology and digital companies,” said Steve Sirich, General Manager, Bing Ads Marketing, Microsoft. “CBS Interactive will help us bring additional scale and opportunity to advertisers and marketers as we continue our mission to connect customers with publishers and audiences in ways that will maximize ROI for their marketing campaigns.”

For marketers looking to drive connections for their brands with the right people at the right time, CBS Interactive’s high-quality audience is a valuable addition to the Bing network. CBS Interactive brands span popular categories in entertainment, sports, news, technology and gaming. With more than 300 million people visiting its properties each month, CBS Interactive is a top 10 Web property globally.

“Partnering with Bing allows us to provide an enhanced search experience to deliver quality results and incremental value to both users and marketers alike,” says Shane McGilloway, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development at CBS Interactive. “The Bing Network team delivers valuable insights, business intelligence and an enhanced platform for paid search advertising.”

Key Takeaways for advertisers

  • With more than 300 million people visiting its properties each month, CBS Interactive is a top 10 Web property globally.
  • The partnership, which offers additional opportunities for advertisers to connect with the right audiences in seven multinational markets, including the U.S., is a further testament to the global scale and reach available to advertisers on the Bing Network.
  • This new audience pushes Bing into a greater portion of highly-coveted advertiser demographics, as nearly 60% of CBS Interactive users are under 45 and more than 40% of users have a household income of $100,000 or more.
  • CBS Interactive will help drive a spike in mobile Bing Network searches, with 70% of search volume on CBS Interactive properties coming from mobile devices.


As part of the arrangement, Bing Ads is now the exclusive provider of search services for some CBS Interactive sites, including:,, and Bing will also provide search solutions for properties like, and

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Bing Shopping Campaigns Comes to Bing Ads Editor!

The holiday season is right around the corner and we are pleased to announce the release of Bing Shopping Campaigns in Bing Ads Editor v11.4 across all markets where Shopping Campaigns are supported (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany). You can now efficiently bulk manage your Shopping Campaigns, Product Groups, and Product Ads, just in time for the holidays! Learn more about Bing Shopping Campaigns.



You can now create, update, or delete Shopping Campaigns from Bing Ads Editor. We have added the Campaign Type attribute to the Campaign entity, which enables you to create either Shopping campaigns or Search and Content campaigns. We also added a new Shopping tab in the editor pane, where you can set your Store ID, Country/Region of sale, and Campaign priority.


Product groups

We heard your feedback - bulk managing product groups is not easy. Even if you use Bulk Operations, the need to have a parent product group ID for each product group is cumbersome. So now, not only are we supporting product groups in Bing Ads Editor, we’ll also be removing this restriction. The product group field now contains the complete path, which enables you to make changes without a parent ID. Additionally, with the complete path in product groups, you can quickly see the parent product groups without having to trace back to the parents one by one. This format aligns with product groups exported from AdWords Editor, so you can directly take the exported file from AdWords Editor and import it using Bing Ads Editor.

And that’s not all - performance metrics are also available for product groups to help you make optimal bid adjustments.


  • Product groups filed cannot be edited directly from the editor pane or grid, however, you can change them from Make multiple changes or Import. You can change attributes such as Type, Bid, and Destination URL directly from the editor pane or grid.
  • Each ad group has one product group and vice versa.



Product Ads

Product Ads can also be easily managed in bulk in Bing Ads Editor. Please note that each ad group requires a corresponding product ad in order for your ads to serve.


Google Import

Bing Shopping Campaigns, product groups, and product ads can be imported seamlessly from your AdWords account. Please make sure to associate your Bing Merchant Center’s store ID to the imported campaigns.



Questions? Comments?

Feel free to ping us on Twitter, visit us to ask questions at the Bing Ads Answers forum, submit and vote on your top-priority features at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, or send us your feedback directly at

*Bing Ads Editor has come a long way.  Interested in learning more?  See Welcome to Bing Ads Editor for a short introduction to this powerful desktop tool.



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New! Easily highlight your products and services with Structured Snippets

This year at Bing Ads, we’ve been working overtime to bring you a rich set of extensions which both engage your audience and enable you to tailor your ads exactly the way you like.  That’s why today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Structured Snippets extensions to all US-based advertisers.

Structured Snippets

Your customers care about your products and services – that’s why they’re searching!  Structured Snippets enable you to highlight specific aspects of your products and services that are important to you.  You first choose a header, such as ‘Brands’, to provide context for whatever it is you’d like to highlight.  From there, simply specify snippets of text you’d like to pair with your header.  For example, ‘Windows, Azure, Xbox, and Skype’ are all Microsoft brands.


What you need to know

  • A minimum of three snippets is required; we'll show as many as space allows (up to ten)
  • Campaigns and ad groups can associate with up to twenty Structured Snippets
  • Structured Snippets are not clickable and should not duplicate info already contained within an ad 


We’ll be rolling out international availability over the next few weeks.  For the latest details on Structured Snippets, such as how they compare with Callout Extensions, check out our Help page here. 

On behalf of the whole Bing Ads team we hope you enjoy our new extensions and look forward to delighting in your success!

Have fun out there,

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Sign in: Simplified

We heard that signing in to Bing Ads isn’t always straightforward, especially if you manage multiple users and need to switch between various Bing Ads user names and Microsoft accounts in order to sign in.

Beginning today, our brand new landing page makes any sign-in confusion a thing of the past! We’ve given the page a complete makeover to make it even simpler to sign in and get started.


Over the next few weeks, you will start to see the new page when you go to Bing Ads.  To sign in, just enter your user name or email address in the input field and click Next.


If you sign in to Bing Ads with a Microsoft account, we will take you to the Microsoft account page to enter your password.

If you’re still using an old Bing Ads username, clicking next will open up a new field on the same page where you can enter your password.

Questions? Comments?
Feel free to ping us on Twitter, ask questions at the Bing Ads Answers forum, submit and vote on your top-priority features at the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion forum, or send us your feedback directly at




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Enable or Pause Multiple Campaigns, Ads, and Keywords on the Bing Ads Apps

We’ve made it easier to manage multiple campaigns at the same time by introducing bulk editing on the mobile apps. Previously, you were limited to pausing only one campaign or keyword at a time, and when you’re in a pinch, you know how time consuming this can be. Now with bulk editing, you will be able to enable or pause the statuses of multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords.


More bulk edits to come; tell us what you think

We’ll continue to iterate based on your feedback and plan to deliver bulk and shared budget management for your campaigns. You can also look forward to bulk bid management for ad groups and keywords.


What would you like to see next in our apps? Let us know via Twitter and the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum. Thousands of advertisers are using our mobile apps every day to keep tabs on their campaigns while they are on the go.


Download the Bing Ads apps for iOS and Android today!



At Bing Ads, we're listening. Happy Advertising!

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