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Bing Ads and You: Using Facebook Audience Insights to improve your CTR

When was the last time you even made eye contact with the salesperson at your favorite retail outlet, who could only manage to say “Hello,” as you walked briskly past? What if that salesperson already knew what you were looking for and could bring you right to it?  Would they have you at "Hello"? 

Having that audience intelligence before your customers even make eye contact with your ad on their screen is the first and most critical step to running a successful campaign.  As illustrated in the opening post of this Bing Ads and You series, knowing your customer better than the competition is the difference between a campaign that rocks and one that flops. 

Today, I will dive further into Audience, the cornerstone of our Marketing Development Cycle, leveraging MaternaLIFT’s case study to reveal techniques and best practices that will help have your customers engaged with the first, “Hello!”  

Key elements of the Marketing Development Cycle

bing ads marketing

While working with Kevin and Jessica at MaternaLIFT to identify their customers and develop a customer profile, we interviewed them to collect their customer engagement experiences. We used Campaign Planner within Bing Ads to study related customers' activities across the Yahoo Bing Network and we teamed up with social media expert, Dayna Moon, Sr. Director of Social Media at 3Q Digital to extract audience insights from MaternaLIFT’s Facebook account. 

Here is what this experience taught us, and how the campaign performed as a result:

1. Study customer activities with Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Bing Ads Campaign Planner helps you analyze potential customers’ activities on the Yahoo Bing Network and assess the competition in engaging with that audience. More importantly, Campaign Planner presents seasonal trends in a convenient daily/weekly/monthly/annual format to help you seize the moment and benchmark your campaign performance.

Using Bing Ads Campaign Planner to collect dynamic insightsbing ads campaign planner

2. Apply audience insights from Facebook to Bing Ads campaigns

In Facebook, you can collect audience insights from two activities:

1.) Facebook users interact with your Facebook page. By going through the Insights/People menu on your Facebook page, you can get general information, such as gender distribution, age range, prevalent locations and languages.

Audience insights from your Facebook page

bing ads facebook data

2.) Facebook users visited your website. Create a custom audience and select it from the Audience Insights menu.

How to collect audience insights on those visited your website/web page(s)

bing ads facebook data

Integrating the information from Campaign Planner and Facebook Audience Insights, you get a deeper view of your potential customers: not just who they are, but which ones are more likely to purchase your products during a certain season. 

For MaternaLIFT, a company selling an innovative maternity support product, Campaign Planner helps them confirm that there are relatively little seasonal changes for maternity products, but that some US states have a higher demand than others, and most related searches are conducted on a PC.

Likewise, Facebook’s audience insights helps them identify the age range of potential customers, confirm which city/state have the highest interest for their product and their purchasing behavior.  

MaternaLIFT tailored their Bing Ads campaign settings with the insights learned from both tools, and as a result, observed a 30% lift in CTR! 

Transferring Facebook audience insights into your Bing Ads campaign settings

bing ads facebook data

bing ads facebook data

Until Next Time

Remember: audience intelligence anchors a successful advertising campaign; having a deeper understanding of your customers helps you develop an actionable marketing plan that promotes your value proposition with highly relevant content.  In the next article for Bing Ads and You, we'll discuss how to develop such a marketing plan.

Meanwhile, feel free to drop me a note if you have a question on building audience insights that will make customers say, “You had me at hello!

Happy Advertising,

Ping Jen

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Bringing Advertisers More Value through Investments in Bing Ads

As a baseball fan, one of my favorite quotes is, “You owe it to be the best you can be.” This is true not only for the game or in life, but also in business – and everyone here at Bing Ads knows that it’s our responsibility to provide our customers and partners who use our tools and solutions with better insights and greater efficiencies daily. We’re not successful unless our advertisers and their businesses are more successful when using Bing Ads.

With our customers’ success and feedback as our north star, our team has been laser focused on improving specific aspects of the Bing Ads product and tools. We listened to our customers and asked what they needed to reach their business goals. This feedback, combined with other industry driving forces, brought us to where we are today — an improved search advertising platform from every angle — and the industry is taking notice[1]

Customers Spoke

We’ve engaged with customers at dozens of product advisory groups around the world. We've met with countless agencies and advertisers, large and small, to better understand their day-to-day challenges. The team sought and digested feedback via our Bing Ads User Voice forum, social media channels and comments on our blog posts. We have been paying close attention, and here’s what our customers had to say:  

  • Customers wanted Bing Ads to be simpler and faster
  • They wanted insights and data that would give them a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Bing Ads users wanted to have a say in how our product was evolving


Our platform priorities on Bing Ads are driven by customers, so we appreciate the direct feedback that we received from around the globe.

We Listened

By listening and then prioritizing the most frequent and critical customer requests, we reshaped Bing Ads from top to bottom.

  • We created a new look and feel that’s more familiar, easier to navigate
  • Nearly everything is faster and more efficient—helping advertisers on Bing Ads get more done
  • A new online insertion orders taking less than an hour
  • Customers can view up to a million keywords in a single view and pages load up to 2x faster making it easier to get stuff done at
  • Bing Ads Editor start-up is also up to 2X faster, while downloading accounts, posting changes and local bulk edits are up to 3X faster
  • Performance data is available 700% faster than before – from 4 hours to 30 minutes of your ad being shown


Just as important as making UI and UX improvements, we improved our tools to provide customers with more critical – and actionable – insights:

  • Top Mover automatically locates key drivers contributing to account performance variations
  • Auction Insights reveals key performance stats for our customers and their competitors
  • The new Campaign Planner feature recently launched in the U.S. helps seamlessly identify trends, build forecasts and research industry benchmarks, competitor performance and keyword suggestions


These changes are making a big difference for our customers, like Eric Chromick from Parts Express who told us, “You guys have made some really good improvements over the last 6 months. It’s good to see you guys moving in the right direction.”

And the Industry is Taking Note

These days, we’re not only seeing a great response from customers – with comments like, “This is AMAZING!” and “Much quicker and easier to work with, too!” – We’re also hearing from the industry:


Investing in the needs of our customers has not only paid off in a better experience and results for advertisers, it’s also driving momentum for our business. Based on the most recent quarterly data from IgnitionOne[2], the Yahoo Bing Network saw its highest share (25%) since Q1 2009, resulting in a 19.3% increase in market share for Q3.

Not surprisingly, mobile devices play a significant role in that growth. According to RKG, smartphones continued to grow at the fastest rate in ad-spend, aided primarily by an increase in clicks[1]. In keeping with this mobile-first trend, IgnitionOne reported Yahoo Bing Network smartphone impressions were up 158%, with tablet impressions gaining an impressive 117%[2]. It’s worth noting that both IgnitionOne and RKG report that mobile devices account for 28 to 33% of overall search-spend. But mobile isn’t the whole story. RKG reported that Yahoo Bing Network has a 19.6% share of all paid clicks; and across all devices, carries the highest desktop share at 20.1%.  Perhaps even more exciting, RKG saw a 24% increase in click volume while CPCs remained flat.

We’re happy with the progress the Yahoo Bing Network is making, but we’re by no means done. We look forward to continue to improve and delivering more value for our advertisers, and doing more for their business.



1. RKG/October 2014

2. IgnitionOne – September 2014

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Understanding the Drivers of Cross-Border E-Commerce

The world is getting smaller. Fuelled by advances in broadband penetration, internet speeds and increasingly sophisticated e-commerce solutions, consumers' online behavior is changing. No longer restricted to buying locally, today's discerning consumer is travelling the world via the web from the comfort of their sofa to find unique products at the best price. Borders don’t apply online and international shopping is on the rise. According to Nielsen figures, in the UK alone there are 15.9 million online cross-border shoppers, spending £8.5 billion in 2013 – and that's expected to climb to £18 billion by 2018.

Download the Cross-Border E-Commerce whitepaper here

This poses a significant business opportunity for retailers, but there are some major hurdles that must be overcome before this opportunity can be fully realised. The challenge lies in being able to effectively capture the attention of cross-border customers, as they roam the internet looking for the best deals. It's the modern day equivalent of a man walking up and down the street with an eye-catching sandwich board, touting a company's wares. Without search, businesses would be close to invisible online.

Moving past the recognition phase, search plays a multi-functional role in the purchasing cycle. It helps consumers cast a wide net over a vast number of potential solutions to whatever they are in the search for. It enables potential customers to compare selected solutions, based on criteria that matter to them. It introduces consumers to websites where they can make purchases, and it empowers the consumer to validate buying decisions by providing access to rich information about their purchase at a later stage.

With the rise in cross-border e-commerce, paid search becomes one of the most effective, cost-efficient ways for retailers to harness the web. It's measurable. Businesses can set up multi-lingual, localised campaigns at the touch of a button, helping them reach out to potential customers in their mother tongue. For smaller businesses, paid search can help build brand awareness in new markets by ensuring the company name is in a prominent position when customers search online, helping to establish trust.

The Yahoo Bing Network operates in 35 countries worldwide and puts businesses in touch with people who are likely to spend 92 percent more than the average internet searcher. In Europe alone, there are 110 million unique searchers who contribute to over 1.3 billion searches every month. We help retailers get in front of hundreds of millions of unique searchers looking for products or services on, Yahoo, MSN, and but also when using their Windows Phone, Xbox, Windows 8 devices or even their Kindle Fire or Mac. Our Bing Ads Intelligence Tool helps marketers understand who is searching and what keywords they're using. SiteLink Extensions direct customers to specific pages on a brand's website, quickly routing consumers to the exact information they want, while location extensions ensure prospective customers see a local phone number and the nearest business address automatically.

But while global shopping certainly starts with search, it doesn't end there. So we've curated a crossing borders white paper, which provides tips and guidance to retailers embarking on a journey towards internationalisation. We've included feedback from businesses that have successfully expanded their business beyond their domestic markets, and advice from digital experts and marketing specialists on topics such as targeting the right countries, finding the right payment platform and optimising mobile. We hope that these insights and guidance serve as a helpful boost for businesses seeking to capitalise on this fast-growing trend, as the product and the right search marketing strategy become more decisive than the business address of the retailer. 

The White Paper

Please download the full cross-border white paper here

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Bing Ads Is Off To a Great Start in 2014

Providing Advertisers Value, Return on Investment and Mobile Innovation

As I wrote in January, 2013 was a year in which we strengthened our platform’s foundation. We delivered over a thousand enhancements and released dozens of new features, many of which you, our advertisers, were specifically asking for. But we won’t stop there. Now that Bing Ads has been fortified, 2014 is a year where our efforts on delivering great results and value to our customers is increased and more laser focused than ever.

Our teams are working hard and their efforts continue to make positive traction, but don’t just take my word for it. According to Ignition One’s most recent Digital Marketing Report, our continued improvement in market share -- up to 22.9 percent of advertiser spend -- is highlighted. This report reinforces and validates what we are seeing first-hand: that the overall growth of the Yahoo Bing Network continues to gain momentum. Compared to last year, Yahoo Bing Network clicks increased by 30 percent and we have plans in place to continue growth in the coming months.

I am pleased to see the Ignition One report highlight our strong growth in tablet and smartphone click volume. For smartphones specifically, they reported that Yahoo Bing Network clicks increased 276 percent year-over-year, reflecting a higher growth rate than Google[1]. In addition, within the tablet space, Ignition One reported a 57 percent increase in Yahoo Bing Network click volume compared to the same quarter last year.

Our progress in the tablet and mobile space is particularly encouraging in light of our new CEO Satya Nadella’s vision for a Mobile First, Cloud First future. We are investing in an intelligent mobile infrastructure by powering Microsoft’s devices and services with Bing, such as Windows Phone 8.1. In addition, partnerships and acquisitions are playing an important role in our ability to diversify and scale, including the acquisition of Nokia in April.  This is just the start for us, as we continue to invest in this space. At Bing Ads, we know mobile will continue to grow and that it is very important to the future success of the Yahoo Bing Network. As usage continues to increase on mobile devices, we’re committed to creating great mobile experiences for consumers and great mobile ad products for advertisers. It’s the power of our diverse ecosystem and cross-platform apps that will grow our mobile traffic to bring incremental value and options to you, our advertisers.

Building off our success

While we’re excited about the growth we’ve experienced, we know there’s more work to be done.  For the remainder of this year, we have three areas of focus for our customers: providing a platform that offers scale, enabling you to do more with data, and making it easier for you to work with us. Specifically:

  • We’re growing. Advertisers need scale, and we are committed to achieving more volume at the right ROI. Today, we’re linking audiences and advertisers across all the screens they use each day, and we’re continuing to drive innovation with new ad formats and annotations that increase engagement: call extensions across all devices, local long ad titles and Product Ads (on PC and mobile), to name a few.
  • Providing better insights. We know the importance of data and insights when trying to manage campaigns effectively and make the right business decisions. We are investing in new tools, such as search and display attribution and cross-channel audience views, to empower you to make better marketing decisions with more data. You are able to access these insights through the Bing Ads Intelligence tool, the platform user interface (UI) or by partnering with your account manager.
  • Keeping it simple. We’ll continue to develop new tools to make it easier and faster to manage campaigns. Your time is valuable and we will ensure that the time and investments you make with us is well spent. Easier access to APIs and faster ways to manage campaigns through our UI and Bing Ads Editor continue to be on our immediate list of deliverables.  Over the last few months, for example, we have made numerous enhancements ranging from the Campaigns Page to Bing Ads Editor to make it more seamless to utilize and faster to perform tasks to meet your business needs.

These three priorities – scale, data and simplicity – will enable us to bring more value to our customers. We listened to hundreds of customers, hearing them loud and clear in regard to what they need and where we can be doing better.  As a result, expect more updates around these priorities and related initiatives in the months to come.

As much as I look forward to sharing more updates and progress on our platform, I anticipate your feedback with the same level of engagement and enthusiasm, so please let us know how we are doing. I’m proud of what we’ve done, and I look forward to continuing to deliver results for you on Bing Ads.

[1] Ignition One Digital Marketing Report, Q1 2014

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