Call Extensions - Bing AdsWith Call Extensions, you can display a phone number directly in your search ad on PC, tablet or smartphone. Get calls from customers who either click or dial the number in your ad.*

Why Call Extensions?

Call Extensions help your ads stand out on the page, giving customers a convenient way to call your business directly from search results. More calls mean more leads and faster purchasing decisions. Bing Ads with Call Extensions generated 3-6 percent more clicks, on average, than those without Call Extensions.**

Once enabled, Call Extensions will display the phone number of your choice. On a smartphone, customers simply need to tap on the phone number displayed in the ad to bring up the dialer on their phone. On PC and tablet, customers can use a landline or their mobile phone to dial the number displayed in the ad. Regular click reporting is available.

Call Extensions - mobile and desktop

What’s the cost?

Pay only a standard cost per click for each call. A smartphone call costs the same as a click on your text ad title or URL.

Start using Call Extensions

Read How to add a clickable phone number to your ad for instructions, then sign in to show your phone number across your campaigns.



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* Call Extensions only display on Bing, AOL and Yahoo search (owned and operated). They do not display on syndicated search partners.

** Internal Microsoft Data, July 2015.