If you have advertising campaigns on other search engines, or old campaigns that you’ve exported and saved as CSV/Excel files, Bing Ads makes it easy to import these external campaigns into your Bing Ads account. The import feature will save you a lot of time and effort as you extend or expand your search advertising initiatives with Bing Ads.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Use the import from a file wizard to import campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • Use the import from Google Wizard.
  • Stop and resume the import process.

Basics of importing campaigns

The easy-to-use campaign import wizard, and Google AdWords import are two tools that allow you to bulk import your campaign, ad group, ad and keyword data into Bing Ads. Get ready for importing into Bing Ads in one of two ways:

  • Create your import file by exporting data from Google.
  • Download and fill out an import template.

Importing from Google AdWords

Advertisers that have an existing Google AdWords account will choose the Import from Google AdWords feature by clicking either the link in the top navigation bar, or the links on the Tools page. Then, click through the wizard steps until you finish and have a saved file.

Importing from a file

Access the Import from file wizard by way of the Tools page or any tab from the Campaign page. You can import either a Microsoft Excel or comma-separated values (CSV) file. The wizard will walk you through all the steps necessary to import your file.

The Import from a file wizard imports campaigns of up to 10,000 keywords. If you have campaigns with more than 10,000 keywords, you’ll need to use Bing Ads Editor for importing.

Import template

One issue with importing new Bing Ads content is that if the data is not aligned to the data columns of Bing Ads, you can waste time trying to fix the formatting or organization of the data later. The import template provides a simple way to prepare a file of campaign data so it imports into Bing Ads correctly.

To start, go to the Import from file page and click the Download the import template link. This file is a template with properly named and formatted columns that will conform to Bing Ads on import. Create new, or paste information from other sources into the file. Once populated, you can import your campaigns into Bing Ads by way of the Import from file feature.


Remember these key points about importing into Bing Ads:

  • Use the campaign import wizard to import campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords.
  • Import campaigns from other online search advertising programs.
  • Use the import template to create new campaigns.
  • Stop and resume the import process at any time.

Thanks for reading this training on importing campaigns, ad groups and keywords. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.


Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.