Bing Ads Editor is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to manage your Bing Ads account in bulk and offline, and then upload your changes with one click. The advantage of Bing Ads Editor is that you can try multiple “what if” scenarios without committing your work to your online account. In addition, it saves you time by enabling fast synchronization, advanced copy and paste, and more.

After reading this training, you will understand how to:

  • Install Bing Ads Editor.
  • Navigate the intuitive interface.

Installing Bing Ads Editor

To install Bing Ads Editor, first sign in to your Bing Ads account and click the Tools tab. Under Application Downloads, click the Bing Ads Editor download link. Next, click the orange Download button and choose Run. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. When finished, launch the Editor and sign in with your Bing Ads credentials.

When you launch the Editor, a welcome screen with resources opens:

  • Get started links to an overview video of Bing Ads Editor.
  • Google import helps you import your Google AdWords campaigns.
  • The New features option reveals updates to the current release.

The first time you launch Bing Ads Editor, you must choose the account you want to work with, or select specific campaigns, which can save time and space.

The Bing Ads Editor has an intuitive user interface that can help you work faster. Let’s take a look at some key elements of the interface and how to use them.

Navigating the Editor user interface

The Editor ribbon includes a set of buttons. Hovering over a button will reveal a tooltip that describes its function.

  • Get Changes menu: Get changes and resolve conflicts between the Editor and Bing Ads online.
  • Post Changes menu: Post changes from Bing Ads online, and undo any unsaved changes you’ve made on the Editor.
  • Import menu: Import campaigns from spreadsheets or other online advertising programs.
  • Export menu: Export accounts, campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords to a spreadsheet.
  • Show Statistics menu: Show performance statistics from a specified date range.

To get started, select an account from the Browser drop-down list. The Browser pane can only display one account at a time. Click an item to view its contents in the Manager pane.

Bing Ads Editor (screenshot)

Manager pane

The Manager pane is a customizable workspace for viewing and editing the contents of the item selected in the Browser pane. This is where you’ll be able to perform time-saving tasks such as editing multiple items, and advanced copy and paste.

Tabs allow you to view campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords. If you’d like to filter your displayed items, search for specific criteria. You can edit items inline or in the Editor pane.

Editing keywords (screenshot)

Editor pane

In the Editor pane, you can bulk-edit items — budget, targeting, exclusions, start and end dates, keyword bids — that you selected in the Manager pane. Save even more time by using Find and replace for ad copy, URLs and negative keywords.


Bulk editing in the Editor Pane (screenshot)

Updates and errors

While working in Bing Ads Editor, it’s easy to identify updates and errors. Special icons and text in the Manager and Browser panes clearly indicate items that have been added, modified or deleted, or that contain errors, warnings or opportunities. The Sync state column of the Manager pane displays icons that alert you to errors or unsynchronized offline changes.

In addition to a set of icons, Notification bars can appear to inform you of conflicts, errors, warnings and opportunities in your data. These bars help you resolve issues quickly because they link to Manager pane views that tell you which errors need to be fixed.

Notification bars (screenshot)


Bing Ads Editor is a powerful tool that enables you to bulk-manage your Bing Ads accounts while offline. The intuitive user interface makes navigation simple as you create and edit multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords. In summary, Bing Ads Editor enables you to:

  • Bulk-manage your Bing Ads accounts.
  • Work offline and try “what if” scenarios without affecting your online settings.
  • Easily identify updates and errors.

Thanks for reading this overview on Bing Ads Editor. Continue your training or take the Bing Ads Accredited Professional exam to become accredited.


Please note all features in this training may not be available in your market.