Agency clients get lower cost per lead and per sale with Bing Ads compared to Google


JXT Group, a New Jersey agency that provides online advertising and ecommerce solutions, helps a range of companies generate business. The agency needs responsive support in its search advertising efforts and methods to reduce clients' cost per lead and per sale.



With Bing Ads, JXT Group takes advantage of specialized agency support and resources to help serve its clients. Bing Ads features also simplify account management and improve campaign performance.



JXT Group sees a lower cost per click with Bing Ads compared to Google AdWords for most of its clients, ranging from 9 percent to 33 percent lower. “The cost per click is cheaper with Bing Ads, and that impacts the cost per acquisition, whether it’s for lead generation or ecommerce,” says Menachem Ani, founder and CEO of JXT Group. “It ends up costing less per lead or per sale.”

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