Agency’s clients reach more customers with Bing Ads


OPUBCO Communications Group, an Oklahoma-based media company, provides a range of digital marketing services that include search engine marketing. Finding ways to enhance the impact of clients' advertising is always a goal.



OPUBCO uses Bing Ads to expand its clients’ reach through advertising on the Bing Network. Clients benefit from the network’s significant search share and unique audience.



OPUBCO clients generally achieve good results on the Bing Network, and some have extraordinary success. One small business receives traffic from the Bing Network that is four times the traffic it has on Google. Another client has a much higher conversion rate and much lower cost per conversion with Bing Ads than with Google. “With Bing Ads, we can offer a different demographic and enhance our clients’ reach,” says Bill Martin, SEM manager at OPUBCO Communications Group.

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